Yamaha Outdoors Tips — New Year's Resolutions

As the New Year dawns, resolve to make this your best outdoor year ever. Steve Hickoff photo

As the New Year dawns, resolve to make this your best outdoor year ever. Steve Hickoff photo

By Steve Hickoff

Resolution: the state or quality of being resolute. A course of action determined or decided on. We all make them this time of the year. Mistakes are even good too, but only if we learn from them. Time outdoors is the great educator. These experiences allow you to plan better, and enjoy your time afield more effectively.

This coming year in the outdoors, resolve to prepare yourself so that you aren’t trouble for others. Check weather forecasts, pack emergency items, dress in layers, and ride with a buddy or two in the event you need help. Always tell someone back home where you’ll be hunting, fishing or camping.

Resolve to stay in good shape. Your hired guide and outfitter depends on it; your hunting buddies; your friends and especially family. Lift weights, run, walk, hike, play in a winter hoop’s league, whatever it takes to be in top condition.

Resolve to pack out all of the debris and waste you create, stash it in a plastic trash bag, and haul it out when you return home. This includes trail markers, empty shotgun hulls, plus eating and drinking cast-offs like tinfoil, plastic bottles and bags. One better, pick up trash left by others. You represent every Yamaha ATV and Side-by-Side vehicle user out there. Respect the tradition. Show you care.

Resolve that when you camp in the backwoods, you do so away from both hiking trails and waterways. Some states actually establish exact distances. If in doubt, several hundred feet is a good measure. Impact the area minimally, and maintain the site the way you would your own home. Know the land well enough so that you aren’t disturbing a farmer’s livestock, disrupting sensitive habitats, or inadvertently moving into a designated wilderness area illegally.

Resolve to think about the other guy. If other trail users are afoot, respect the fact that they enjoy the outdoors as well. Drive slowly around gatherings of people to keep noise and road dust down. If you open a gate with permission, close it. If you have to navigate past private land, contact the landowner first. 

The four wheels you ride are only as safe as you, the recreational user. Just as you’d read the manual provided with your new truck, or user material for any other motor vehicle, the same goes for operating your Yamaha ATV or Side-by-Side vehicle. Resolve to do this, now. 

Then ride responsibly with that solid advice in mind.