Yamaha Outdoors Tips — Your Four Wheels and You

Know that Yamaha ATV and SxS, then enjoy the ride. Most of all, wear that helmet. A football player wouldn’t take to the field without one; neither should you. Steve Hickoff photo

By Steve Hickoff

Just as you’d read the manual provided with your new truck, or user material for any other motor vehicle, the same goes for operating a Yamaha All-Terrain Vehicle (ATV) or Side-by-Side (SxS) vehicle. Then ride responsibly with that solid advice in mind.

While a small minority may view ATV and SxS ownership as an opportunity for carefree and unfortunately careless use, the majority of safety-minded riders avoid trouble with practical engagement of the vehicle, while understanding the challenges involved. 

These recreational vehicles are designed for off-road time. Operation on public highways or roads, paved asphalt and other byways, isn’t part of the intended formula. ATVs and SxSs are designed for use away from other vehicles, and most definitely not in traffic.

Off. Road. Any questions?

Stunts aren’t part of a safe driver’s deal either. All passengers—driver and otherwise—should always stay inside the SxS vehicle during operation. 

Everyone should also be dressed for safety. This apparel starts with a helmet and also includes long shirt sleeves and pants. Over-the-ankle boots, gloves, and eye protection are all part of the picture as well.

Just as you wouldn’t drink alcohol or use drugs while hunting with a firearm—particularly medicines with machine-operation warning labels—the same holds true for four-wheeler operation. Why would you want to negatively impact reaction time and motor skills? You wouldn’t. 

That seatbelt? Buckle up man. And enjoy the outdoors this fall season.