Yamaha Outdoors Tips — Four-Wheeled Fishing

Consider four-wheeling to summertime fishing spots like this on the Atlantic Ocean coastline. Here, an angler lands a daybreak bluefish caught from the shoreline. Steve Hickoff photo

By Steve Hickoff

The best trout fishing is often found (1) where the stocking truck pulled over and dumped their payload, and (2) in more remote, rugged, hard-to-access areas.

If you’re like me, the former scenario will work a time or two, just to take the edge off in late spring (after turkey seasons close), but the crowds get old. Also, at some point, stocking schedules cease and desist.

Summertime is when you need to go further to find what you really need: fish in wilder places. An ATV or Side-by-Side was built to satisfy this desire.

The coolest thing about accessing good water this way is that you get to enjoy the ride, and there’s even more action on the other end. Freshwater. Saltwater. You name it.

A break-down rod, compact plastic lure or fly case, and reel, plus the usual other items such as extra line, hooks, and so on, will fit nicely inside a cooler (or even backpack). 

That cooler can also contain a smaller soft-pack or two holding your lunch and soft drinks. Come to think of it, eating your lunch in a desirable remote location is a third reason to fish this way.

To those of you for whom bass rule, there’s opportunity there too. 

Historically largemouth and smallmouth bass alike were transplanted all across our country using the emergent rail system. Even today, you’ll find under-appreciated bass water (often unnamed on maps) adjacent to railways.

As access goes, this might prove to be a drive-in, park, then walk-in situation. Floating minnow imitations such as the fabled Rapala are all you really need to use in some of these summertime spots. Terrestrials, those buggy patterns imitating grasshoppers, crickets, ants and such, are a fly-rodder’s necessity. As always check regulations for the off-road locations you visit.

Worm. Bobber. Bait hook. Sometimes fun on the end of a four-wheeled ride is that simple.