Yamaha Outdoors Tips — Let it Ride

Steve Hickoff photo

Steve Hickoff photo

Steve Hickoff photo

Steve Hickoff photo

By Steve Hickoff

It doesn’t get any better than this. No matter where you ride your Yamaha ATV or Side-by-Side vehicle around the country, there’s plenty to do outdoors. Spring wild turkey hunting and managing food plots take the lead these days, as some of our recent tips have indicated. But other opportunities abound as well. Here are some angles to consider . . . 


Bass rule in the south, and trout to the north, but these are just general trends. Either way you go toting fly- or spin-casting rods along with you and your four wheels can enhance time outdoors. Keep it simple: a small serviceable plastic case of buggy patterns or flashy lures are enough. Want to keep a few fish for the supper table? Tote a cooler bag. If not, release your catch. Four off-road wheels can take you further than you might be able to walk or your automobile can drive. Some of the angling you find in backwoods places might surprise you. 


I know, it sounds a bit on the edge of hardcore outdoors tip fodder, but a Virginia turkey hunt years ago turned my thinking around on this subject. The spring gobblers had been tough. The mushrooms were a bit easier to secure. In fact, once a buddy and I found a bunch on a hillside location, our hunter-gatherer desires kicked in big-time. By the end of it, we’d each filled a camouflage cap with the tasty finds. A quick survey of online websites for mushroom identification is in order, but if you’re a springtime angler or turkey hunter, there’s no mistaking what a morel looks or tastes like. Fry them on the stovetop with a little butter, first dipped in egg batter then rolled in flour. Yum.


For a review of the benefits of hog hunting, check out my blood brother Bob Humphrey’s February 9 “Makin’ Bacon” post on the Yamaha Outdoors site. Recent spring trips to both Florida and Texas this year, and in the past, have shown me the quarry is (1) readily available, and (2) fun to hunt. Whether you do it with a bow, rifle, or by hanging out with some of the local hog dog men, it helps landowners manage these populations which tend to destroy fence lines and damage rural property. Check your state’s website, or surf online for hog hunting options where you and your ATV or Side-by-Side can go. The only thing you’ll miss is sleep.

Kidding aside, fishing, mushroom picking, and hog hunting are three alternatives for the Yamaha sportsman and rider this spring.