Feature Benefits

Top Features

  • 794cc 2-Stroke Engine
    Electric start comes standard on the Mountain Max 800 LE 165. The two-cylinder 794cc 2-stroke engine features an ECM that electronically controls the fuel and oil injection. The three-stage auxiliary exhaust port power-valves controls the gas flow through a tuned pipe that features a stainless exhaust collector and silencer while the Exhaust Pop Temperature Sensor monitors the system. Spark ignition is generated through a digital CDI with knock control sensors, and the cooling is achieved through a liquid heat exchanger system.
  • Tunnel Design
    The lightweight tunnel features narrow, tapered running boards to aid in deep snow maneuverability and provide plenty of clearance for its eight tooth extrovert drivers and Power Claw track while the chain-case's 9.4° angle provides a more gradual track approach.
  • Mountain Single Beam Suspension
    Featuring a lightweight single beam skid frame, the 15” rear suspension provides exceptional handling in deep and steep conditions. The single pivot at the midpoint of the single rail results in track flexibility and precise handling. It’s never been easier to throw a curve, regardless of pitch or incline. Ten pounds lights, the single rail system doesn’t trap snow compared to dual rail suspensions, making the sled much lighter.
  • Stealth Control System
    The handlebar controls feature a left-sided switch cluster for “on-the-fly” access to the multi-step hand and thumb warm adjusters, the push button reverse gear shift and the multi-function gauge that can be easily select information with a convenient toggle. On the right side, a clean bar hosts an ergonomically-shaped throttle lever and a simple, stand-alone emergency stop switch. The Hayes 'Stealth' brake cylinder is equipped with a composite brake lever that, coupled with a lightweight caliper, offers better feel and powerful stopping performance.
  • Extremely Equipped
    The single beam suspension engages sturdy Fox Zero coil spring shock absorbers that can be easily adjusted on both the front and rear arms through QS3 damping. The rear arm is equipped with mountain-specific QS3L shocks for a special lock-out mode during extreme climbing. The Mountain Max 800 LE 165 is also fitted with a special ice-scraper sealing system, high-flow and velocity-sensitive damping and hard, anodized parts.


  • Large Capacity Fuel Tank
    Boasting a capacity of 10.4 usg / 39.4 L, the fuel tank offers extended range for even more adventure.
  • Mountain Seat
    The lightweight M-TX mountain seat's tall and narrow profile eases rider transitions from side-to-side and improves stand-up ergonomics.
  • Handle Bar Controlled Digital Gauge
    Fully-featured and easy-to-read, the digital gauge displays critical information in a glance including speed, fuel level, trip mileage, tach, elevation, temperatures and more. Easily change functions with the switch controls on the left handle bar.
  • Reverse System
    A simple push of a button causes the engine to re-start in reverse with an audible 'back-up' beeper that indicates that the system is engaged and continues to beep until the button is pushed again to restart the engine in its forward direction. A simple and efficient way to back out of tight situations.
  • 20" Tunnel Bag
    The under-seat bag provides additional storage. With it's semi-rigid design, the bag is easy-to-access and water resistant while the quarter-turn, quick-release fasteners make for a quick removal.


  • Premium Fox 1.5 Zero QS3 Front Shocks
    The Fox 1.5 Zero QS3, coil spring, high-pressure gas shocks feature a piggyback chamber that delivers reduced fading, exceptional control and three easy ways to adjust the compression damping performance settings, so you can quickly and easily adjust the ride based on the conditions and your riding preference.
  • 165" PowerClaw Track
    The 165" single-ply PowerClaw track uses 3" lugs in a 3.5" pitch configuration. The forward curved paddles are staggered to bite into the deepest powder to guarantee forward motion and lift over the steepest of slopes.
  • Power Valve System
    Based on the RPM, the power valve system adapts the exhaust port opening for maximum torque and fuel efficiency.
  • Electronic Fuel Injection
    The electronic fuel injection provides efficient fuel delivery at two different injection points in the cylinder that are based on engine RPM for maximum torque and response. The computerized fuel injection not only ensures reliable starting in cold weather but maximum fuel range with low exhaust gas emissions.
  • Proven Pulleys
    Primary TEAM and secondary CVT pulleys provide accurate, smooth shifting with cool operation for maximum performance and drive-belt durability.


  • SRV-M Front Suspension
    The sleek SRV-M Front Suspension is ultra compact to reduce unwanted spindle and suspension drag when in deep snow. The narrow stance allows for extreme maneuverability and delivers aggressive lean angles for incredible side-hilling and powder-turn capabilities. The lightweight, forged aluminum spindles join the widely spaced upper and lower control arms which produces a large caster angle for tight side-hilling and ease of steering. The clean, narrow overall stance and elimination of the sway bar also greatly enhance deep snow agility.
  • Lightweight, Rigid SRV Chassis
    The mountain specific SRV-M chassis combines a load-bearing triangulated structure with lightweight aluminum construction to create a neutrally balanced sled that's centered on the rider. The pyramidal upper frame builds chassis strength without excessive weight, and additional bracing is added to the 'punched' running boards for those who take their ride to the max.
  • Tall-Steering Post
    A dedicated, tall-steering post delivers optimum ergonomics for stand-up riding. The 4.5" riser and the broad, molded, curved-end mountain bar and incorporated mountain strap deliver ample leverage for off-trail riding. The adjustable system dials you in during sweep and reach to keep you in the sweet spot.
  • Centralized Mass Design
    The SRV chassis layout was engineered to centralize mass. Approximately 60% of the sled's weight is tightly centered within the main triangulation for a quick-handling, well-balanced sled that's fun to throw around in a wide variety of conditions.
  • Yamaha Mountain Ski
    The lightweight Yamaha Mountain delivers everything you want in a deep snow ski. Its wide footprint enhances flotation and actively lifts the sled’s nose up in deep powder. Traction lugs on the top of the ski give a sure foothold when it gets really gnarly. The wide and deep keel design deliver light steering effort yet confident and predictable handling, whether it's hard-packed snow or fresh fluff.