Top Features

  • Genesis 499cc Sport Performance Engine
    A clear leader in its class, the lightweight and dependable sport –performance Genesis twin was designed specifically to deliver a quick revving and torque laden power band. An advanced fuel injection system ensures consistent and efficient performance, while a counterbalanced crankshaft results in a smooth and super-crisp throttle response.
  • HPG Rear Shock
    High Pressure Gas (HPG) shocks with strong 36mm bodies are calibrated to deliver consistent performance and comfort with excellent fade resistance.
  • Lightweight YZ Style Seat
    Inspired from our family of motocross bikes, the lightweight seat is taller and narrower than a traditional snowmobile seat, providing greatly enhanced ergonomics for an active riding experience.
  • Mountain Powder Skis
    Wide, single keel powder skis deliver increased flotation in powder snow. The ski is arched in the middle to give additional lift and deflect snow away from the rider.
  • Pro Mountain 144 Rear Suspension
    Designed for maximum flotation, comfort, bump absorption, and flickable ergonomics, the narrowed Pro Mountain 144 rear suspension utilizes a cam-mounted front shock for improved motion ratio, and a rear cantilever system for consistent track tension.
  • 2-Inch Maverick Track
    The unique Maverick™ track is 14-inches wide for nimbleness and quick to react ride characteristic and a narrowed tunnel for ergonomics. The 2-inch lugs provide superior traction in powder snow, yet are incredibly durable while running hard pack.


  • YXRC Clutching
    Featuring Yamaha drive and driven clutching, the lightweight YXRC system delivers smooth engagement, instant acceleration, fast reacting backshift, and cool operating temperatures for a long belt life. Just like its big brother YVXC clutch system, the YXRC is smooth, responsive, and durable.
  • Wide Running Boards
    With its rider active design, narrowed seat, and sculpted cockpit, the Phazer M-TX platform touts wide running boards with additional grip for a sure-footed stance.
  • Rear Exit Exhaust
    Often considered a hallmark feature of many Yamaha snowmobiles, the Phazer M-TX platform also touts a rear-exit exhaust system that is exposed to the snow under-seat for additional cooling.


  • Link Type Sway Bar
    A standard link-type sway bar keeps the front suspension planted and flat, even in rutted, high-speed turns.
  • Extruded Aluminum Spindle
    Saving weight and creating a nimble and responsive riding experience was at the foundation of the Phazer M-TX platform. Extruded aluminum spindles are lightweight yet incredibly strong.
  • Rider Active Cockpit
    From the sculpted seat, wide running boards, and open design of the controls, the Phazer M-TX platform was designed with the rider who likes to be “one” with the machine when riding.
  • Center Grab Strap
    A standard, handlebar mounted grab strap provides added leverage and control when riding off-trail.


  • Wide, Hooked End Handlebars
    No other touch point is more important to a rider than the handlebars. Yamaha bars are flat and wide, engineered for comfort, control, and natural ergonomics. Integrated hooked ends add additional control while cornering, and feature heated grips across that span the entire length.
  • LED Taillight
    The high-intensity LED taillight/brake light is lighter and brighter than a traditional incandescent design, and delivers a significantly longer lifespan.
  • Digital Gauge with Push Button Reverse
    The compact handlebar mounted digital gauge is packed with information and is displayed on a large face, easy to read gauge. In addition, a convenient electric push button reverse is housed within the gauge package and actuates a servo-controlled reverse gear.