YTA Certification - Motorsports

Yamaha Technical Academy
The Yamaha Technical Academy (YTA) is the cornerstone of Yamaha’s Technical Training Program. Our YTA Instructors combine comprehensive technical model information from the Yamaha Factory with ‘real-world’ diagnostic and troubleshooting skills developed over many years of actual dealership experience.

YTA Bronze
YTA Bronze is the introductory training course intended primarily for the entry-level technician or the technician new to Yamaha products. YTA Bronze is available as a self-paced, correspondence training course designed to be completed by the technician in their dealership. To successfully complete the Bronze course, the technician must pass a wide-ranging Bronze Test that covers the engine, drive-train and chassis systems and service procedures on Yamaha products.

YTA Silver
YTA Silver level is a comprehensive week-long training course offered only at one of the Yamaha training facilities. The focus is on advanced system diagnosis and troubleshooting, with about 70% of the class work providing hands-on learning using the most recent products, tools and troubleshooting techniques available.

YTA Gold
YTA Gold is the most advanced Yamaha Factory Training course available to provide an even higher level of system troubleshooting and diagnostics. YTA Gold is designed to challenge even the most skilled technicians. This five-day class includes over 80% hands-on training and uses the most recent products and equipment available. YTA Gold is also a week-long training course offered only at one of the Yamaha training facilities.

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