Yamaha Outdoors Tips — Dressing for the Outdoors

By Steve Hickoff 

You’ve got your helmet, and other riding gear, that’s a given. Here are another half-dozen essentials you should consider to ensure outdoor success:

Give me pockets, and lots of them—places to hold a knife or multi-tool, map, small flashlight, compass, GPS, bug spray, digital camera, snack, lightweight fold-up rain jacket, and yeah, toilet paper.

Give me socks, two pairs if possible at any one time. One pair can be worn under the other. A thinner synthetic sock goes well under a thicker outer sock option. Hang them at night to dry, or simply change up for the next ride.

Give me hats for protection from the sun, the wind, the rain, and the cold chill at night. Wider brims block out the sun’s daytime rays. Thicker caps help you keep body heat when that orb drops out of the distant horizon.
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Stash several hats for your ride, and again, that all-important helmet for your head.


Give me footwear that’s both tough and comfortable. Forget about looking cool in your flip-flops or sandals. Cover those feet with durable backcountry boots for riding in on your four-wheeler as well as hunting, fishing, camping, or whatever else you’re doing in the backwoods.

Give me shirts, jackets, pants and underwear that keep me warm and ventilate. Outer layers should fend off what weather dishes out, while inner layers should allow moisture to escape or at least be absorbed, wicking it away from your body. Cotton, the old-schooler’s choice, is out. Yeah, it’s soft, but it holds sweat and moisture right against your flesh, chilling you in the process. Synthetic apparel (polyester, etc.) is better, and wool is super as an outer garment, especially in wet conditions.

Give me sunglasses that protect me from UV rays. Classic, aviator, or other stylish options seal the deal. 
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