Yamaha bLU cRU Riders Take Loretta Lynn’s by Storm

Cypress, CA.  August 7, 2014 – Yamaha Motor Corporation would like to congratulate all of the hard working Yamaha bLU cRU riders who took part in the biggest amateur race of the year this past week at the Loretta Lynn’s Ranch in Hurricane Mills, TN.


Lining up behind the gate at the 33rd annual Loretta Lynn’s AMA Amateur National Championship is a huge achievement for any aspiring motorcycle racer. It signifies that not only were you one of the best at your area qualifier, but also one of the fastest at your Regional Championship leading up to Loretta Lynn’s.


With 36 Class Championships up for grabs at the Ranch, Yamaha bLU cRU riders took home 33% of the #1 plates in 2014, with 12 overall championships. In addition to the championships Yamaha riders finished second and third overall an amazing 23 times and when you break it down even further, Yamaha riders won more moto’s than anyother manufacturer, taking home 34 individual moto victories. Even more impressive, bLU cRU riders won their championships using every bike in the Yamaha stable, from the iconic PW50, to the improved YZ two strokes (YZ85, YZ125 & YZ250), to the shootout dominating YZ250F and the holeshot pulling YZ450F.


Yamaha class winners to be added to the prestigious Yamaha Racing Loretta Lynn’s Cup for 2014 are:


Luke Renzland – 450A

Tristan Charboneau – 250B & 450B

Lorenzo Locurcio – 450B Limited

Bradley Taft – 250B Limited

Jon Ames – Schoolboy 1

Mackenzie Tricker – Women 14+

Carlen Garner – Two-Stoke B/C

Robbie Reynard – 35+

Justin Boyd – 450C

Jordan Jarvis – Girls (9-13)

Aiden Eyler – 51cc (4-6) Shaft Drive Limited



A special congratulation’s goes out to Tristan Charboneau who was awarded the newly created AMA Motocross Amateur Rider Award which is presented to the most outstanding non-A-class rider. He dominated the 450B class via 1-1-1 moto scores and then used consistency to win the second Championship in 250B.


With his repeat victory in the 450A class and his signing to the Rock River/Cycletrader.com Yamaha team be sure to watch Luke Renzland as he starts his professional career this weekend at the Unadilla National on August 9th.


For more information and updates on the bLU cRU program and Yamaha make sure you visit www.yamahabLUcRU.com.