Feature Benefits

Top Features

  • Modern Styling
    Aggressive, modern styling includes the front fender, number plate, radiator shroud and side number plates.
  • Adjustable Controls
    Clutch lever reach adjuster to accommodate smaller hands for younger riders.
  • Compact Two-Stroke Powerplant
    Liquid-cooled, 85cc crankcase reed-valve-inducted six-speed is light, compact and designed to deliver hard-hitting, moto-winning power throughout the rpm range.
  • Close-Ratio Transmission
    Smooth-shifting, six-speed close-ratio transmission with heavy duty multiplate clutch delivers maximum hookup for outstanding acceleration and corner-exiting power.
  • Strong, Compact Frame
    Ultra-rigid, single-backbone, semi-double-cradle frame is lightweight and strong for sharp handling.
  • Race-Ready Suspension
    Fully adjustable suspension allows a broad adjustment range to suit everybody from rank novice to mini expert.


  • Compact, Powerful Two-Stroke
    85cc liquid-cooled, crankcase reed-valve-inducted, two-stroke engine inhales through a 28mm Keihin® flat-slide carburetor; seamless throttle response across the powerband is the result.
  • Reliable Clutch Design
    Involute spline set-up in clutch means smoother shifting under power with great durability at competition-level usage. A two-piece clutch cover provides easy access during maintenance.
  • High Capacity Radiator
    Lightweight radiator has large cores and louvers, and the water pump features a cast aluminum (vs. resin) impeller for maximum cooling efficiency.
  • Race-Tuned Exhaust
    Lightweight exhaust system design helps create a broader powerband with stronger low-end punch.
  • High-Flow Airbox
    Airbox design ensures greater air cleaning performance and easier maintenance.


  • Lightweight Subframe
    Rear subframe is removable to allow easy maintenance.
  • Fully-Adjustable Fork
    Lightweight 36mm KYB® inverted cartridge fork features 10.8 inches of travel with compression and rebound damping adjustability, and low-friction outer tubes and internals.
  • Fully Adjustable Shock
    Rear suspension features fully adjustable Kayaba® link-type shock with 11.1 inches of travel and race-tested compression damping valving.
  • High Performance Brakes
    220mm front disc and 190mm rear disc brakes with stainless steel rotors deliver strong, precise stopping power.
  • Lightweight Wheels
    Lightweight 17-inch front and 14-inch rear rims are durable and reduce unsprung weight for optimal suspension performance.
  • Race-Ready Tires
    Dunlop® knobbies provide great traction on a variety of tracks and terrain.

Additional Features

  • Smart Rider Ergonomics
    Wide handlebar and flat fuel tank, radiator shrouds, side panels and rear fender provide rider with leverage and freedom of movement and weight transfer.
  • Grippy Footpegs
    Wide foot pegs provide superb comfort and grip.
  • Simplified Servicing
    Separate clutch cover with transmission oil filler opening makes for easy maintenance.
  • Fuel Tank Design
    Fuel tank cap is wider for easier usage, and large tank opening ensures fast, hassle-free refueling.