Feature Benefits

Top Features

  • Quick Release Windshield and Backrest
    The V Star 1300 Tourer rolls out with a lockable quick release windshield, leather-wrapped hard sidebags, and a lockable quick release passenger backrest all standard, ready for the open road, or the commute to school or work or a ride down the boulevard with attitude.
  • Sporty, Modern Power
    The midsize V Star 1300 Tourer brings modern-classic styling along for a lighter, sportier, hot-rod-inspired ride. 80-cubic-inch (1304cc) liquid-cooled, fuel-injected V-twin with dual counterbalancers produces excellent power across the board along with a highly stimulating exhaust note.
  • Legendary Yamaha Handling
    Steel chassis puts 48 percent of the bike’s weight on the front tire, for light handling and maneuverability.
  • Well Finished Detailing
    Modern-classic design, including a two-into-one exhaust, gives the V Star 1300 Tourer that distinctive Star® look, while authentic cruiser features such as belt drive, steel fenders and fuel tank, open up the customization possibilities even further.
  • Fuel Efficient
    Estimated 42 mpg* means over 200 miles of riding between fill-ups—on regular unleaded gasoline, too.
  • Ready to Customize
    The Star Accessories Catalog is packed full of high-quality parts that invite Star owners to fully express their individuality.


  • Smooth, Powerful Engine
    The 80-cubic (1304cc) liquid cooled SOHC 60° V-twin engine, with four valves per cylinder, 9.5:1 compression ratio and dual counterbalancers, delivers smooth power to the ground, while maintaining the classic big cruiser sound and pulse characteristics.
  • Compact, Low Friction Cam Drive
    To keep friction loss to a minimum and help the engine achieve the ideal performance characteristics, special compact roller-type rocker arms with needle bearings are used. These also reduce top-end weight for excellent mass centralization.
  • High Performance Cylinder Heads
    Four valves per cylinder design provides optimum combustion efficiency. Roller rocker arms reduce friction for better performance and reduced wear.
  • Advanced Cylinder Design
    Ceramic-composite-plated cylinders provide excellent heat dissipation, high durability and reduced oil consumption.
  • Forged Pistons
    High-quality forged aluminum 100mm pistons have a lightweight, high-strength compact design that contributes to high performance and reduce vibration.
  • Classic V-twin Sound
    Forged connecting rods ride a single crankpin for true V-twin sound and power.
  • Yamaha Fuel Injection
    Sophisticated twin bore fuel injection is used on the V Star 1300 Tourer. Each cylinder is fed by its own injector spraying into twin 40mm throttle bodies, while the computer-controlled system provides a precise amount of fuel/air mixture to the engine for optimal performance in all conditions. The result is strong, smooth and seamless performance across the full range of engine rpm.
  • Smooth Shifting Transmission
    The 5-speed transmission has a smooth shifting feeling, and gear ratios spaced to let the rider take full advantage of the engine’s torque characteristics and enjoy comfortable riding while cruising down the boulevard or at highway speeds.
  • Low Maintenance Belt Final Drive
    The belt drive transfers power from the transmission to the wheel with authority. The belt system is clean, quiet and virtually maintenance-free and delivers a quicker, more impressive throttle response feeling than a shaft drive.
  • Cleanly Styled Motor
    The classic cylinder fin styling of an air-cooled engine with a sly cooling system that routes liquid through hidden hoses and internal engine passages for air-cooled looks and liquid-cooled performance. Oil filter is easy to get to but also tucked nearly out of sight for clean looks.


  • Smooth, Agile Chassis
    Front fork features big 41mm fork tubes with stainless covers that look great and the rear suspension is a bottom-link-type Monocross system with a gas charged single shock and adjustable spring preload. Settings are calibrated to deliver a plush ride that is increasingly firm as the suspension is compressed for good handling and comfort over bigger bumps in the road.
  • Comfortable Saddle
    The shape of the seat has been designed with a “dish” shape for great comfort, and it allows riders to touch the ground easily.
  • Real Steel Fenders
    Fenders are real steel, front and rear. That adds to the quality look and feel, and makes customization easier.
  • Tour Ready Fuel Capacity
    The fuel tank is sculpted low and sleek for style and comfort, with a flush-fitting, aeronautical-style gas cap incorporated into the tank’s sleek design. The tank holds a generous 4.9 gallons of fuel, thanks to a remotely located sub tank that also houses the fuel pump, for plenty of traveling range on the open road.
  • Stylish Cast Wheels
    Seven-spoke aluminum wheels and matching rear pulley mount fat, 16- inch tires for a cool period look albeit with big contact patches on the road.
  • Potent Triple Disc Brakes
    Dual 298mm front and single rear disc brakes. Provides consistent and predictable stopping power for driving in traffic or out on the open highway.

Additional Features

  • Quality Brightwork
    The V Star 1300 Tourer gets lots of chrome with a chrome headlight housing and chrome belt guard. Plus, there’s a gloss black finish on the frame that adds a high-quality look.
  • Complete Instrumentation
    Retro-modern bar-mounted instrumentation contains an analog speedometer along with an LCD display with twin trip meters and a clock; indicator lights for high beam, turn signal, low oil level, low fuel, coolant temperature, neutral and engine diagnostic functions.
  • Ready to Tour or Cruise
    The V Star 1300 Tourer is ready to roll out with a lockable, quick release windshield, leather-wrapped hard sidebags, and a lockable, quick-release passenger backrest.
  • Star Fit and Finish
    Star quality paint, chrome and detailing vie for attention wherever you look, and fenders are steel, not plastic.
  • Comfortable Floorboards
    Floating floorboards and an adjustable heel/toe shifter provide a comfortable, low-effort ride and makes moving through the 5-speed gearbox a snap.
  • Excellent Illumination
    Bright multireflector headlight, LED taillight and amber turn signals behind clear lenses give a custom look.