Feature Benefits

Top Features

  • Competition Ready Enduro
    Revolutionary rearward slanted, liquid-cooled, DOHC 4-stroke power plant with 4 titanium valves based on the YZ250F™, with an added sixth gear and wide ratio transmission, among other modifications, make it perfect for enduro competition.
  • Nimble Chassis
    The same bilateral beam frame that is found on the championship winning YZ250F is used on the WR250F™. It places the engine and fuel tank close to the center mass of the bike for extremely light and nimble handling character.
  • Fuel Injection
    A Keihin® 44mm throttle body fuel injection system tuned for enduro riding ensures smooth throttle response and easy starting in nearly all conditions. Plus, electric start reduces rider fatigue on hard rides.
  • Advanced Suspension
    Industry leading fully-adjustable KYB® spring-type forks with speed sensitive damping and a KYB® rear shock, each tuned with enduro-specific settings.
  • Enduro-Specific Features
    With a 2 gallon fuel tank, multi-function enduro computer, 18-inch rear wheel, O-ring chain, skid plate and enduro spec tires, the WR250F is ready to win right out of the box.


  • Unique Engine Tuning
    The revolutionary, rearward slanted, high-performance liquid-cooled 4- stroke, 4-valve, fuel-injected engine has been tuned for enduro riding, with model-specific cylinder head, piston, camshafts, transmission internals, ECU settings, and more.
  • Fuel Injection
    The fuel injection system uses 3-D mapped electronic control for the injection of fuel and ignition timing that are optimized for the challenges of enduro riding.
  • 6-Speed Gearbox
    A 6-speed wide-ratio transmission is used to improve traction in all types of conditions.
  • Electric Start
    Push-button electric start makes starting the WR250F easy and convenient.
  • Race-Ready Cooling
    YZ-based radiators feature an electric fan, ensuring stable cooling performance in tight and slow riding conditions.


  • Robust Aluminum Frame
    An all-aluminum bilateral beam frame similar to the YZ250F motocrosser provides strength, lightness and durability for all riding conditions, and is tuned especially for the demands of long enduro rides.
  • Lightweight Subframe
    Removable aluminum rear subframe constructed of square-section tube for reduced weight.
  • Advanced Suspension
    Industry favorite fully adjustable KYB® spring-type forks with speed sensitive damping with Kashima Coat™ and a KYB® rear shock, also with Kashima Coat™ and featuring a large 50mm piston. Both the forks and rear shock are tuned specifically for enduro riding.
  • Purpose-Built Tires
    Special enduro spec tires are used to maximize traction while delivering excellent wear.

Additional Features

  • Full-Featured Instrumentration
    An onboard enduro computer is standard and features speedo, odometer, average speed, clock and more.
  • Practical Touches
    The WR250F features a headlight, taillight and skid plate. A side stand is standard for added rider convenience.