My 2015 Viking VI Shopping List

  Accessory   Price  
  Chain Saw Mount
MSRP = $129.99  
  Adjustable Bed Divider Brackets
MSRP = $98.95  
  Bed Rail Accessory Mounts
MSRP = $77.00  
  Lockable Storage Lid
MSRP = $67.95  
  Deluxe Gun Boots (4)
MSRP = $107.49  
  Molded Sun Top
MSRP = $479.99  
  Heated Seat Cover (Black)
MSRP = $149.99  
  Viking Rear Window - Black
MSRP = $109.99  
  Second Battery Kit
MSRP = $349.99  
  Powered Sub Woofer
MSRP = $549.99  
  Front Speaker Pods by SSV Works®
MSRP = $249.99  
  In-Dash Radio Mount
MSRP = $103.95  
  Overhead Audio System
MSRP = $549.99  
  Horn Kit
MSRP = $57.95  
  Heavy-Duty Brush Guard
MSRP = $218.99  
  Mud Flaps
MSRP = $103.95  
  Heavy-Duty Headlight Brush Guards
MSRP = $192.99  
MSRP = $202.95  
  Rear Grab Bar
MSRP = $135.95  
  Bed Mat
MSRP = $98.95  
  Floor Mats
MSRP = $99.99  
  Mud Flap Relocator
MSRP = $41.95  
  Front Receiver Hitch
MSRP = $154.99  
  Front Winch Mount
MSRP = $149.99  
  Wiring Kit
MSRP = $22.99  
  Gun Boot Mount (double)
MSRP = $233.95  
  Yamaha Snow Plow System by WARN®
MSRP = $1,091.95  
  Pro Vantage 3500 Winch by WARN (w/ Front Winch Mount)
MSRP = $469.99  
  Folding Windshield
MSRP = $462.95  
  Center Mount Mirror
MSRP = $46.95  
  Left Side Mirror
MSRP = $62.95  
  Right Side Mirror
MSRP = $62.95  
Base Price:$12799.00
MSRP Estimate (Accessories Only):$6938.59
MSRP Estimate (Total):$19737.59

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