Feature Benefits

Top Features

  • 794cc 2-Stroke Engine
    Electric start comes standard on the Transporter 800 SE. The two-cylinder 794cc 2-stroke engine features an ECM that electronically controls the fuel and oil injection. The three-stage auxiliary exhaust port power-valves controls the gas flow through a tuned pipe that features a stainless exhaust collector and silencer while the Exhaust Pop Temperature Sensor monitors the system. Spark ignition is generated through a digital CDI with knock control sensors, and the cooling is achieved through a liquid heat exchanger system.
  • 153” Utility Suspension with Flip-up Rails
    The long travel rear suspension features a hinged, spring-loaded tail-end section that allows for the rear idler wheels to travel upwards in an arc when traveling over bumpy trails. This articulating feature assists the sled when in reverse by guiding the track up on top of the snow and not letting it dig in, making the sled feel and handle like a shorter track model. When pulling a heavy load, the rail can lock so it doesn't articulate for maximum traction. A simple push pin is used to engage the rail extension to keep the skis down and get all of the traction possible out of the 153" track.
  • 153" x 2.25” Power Claw Track
    This 153" Power Claw track uses 2.25" lugs in a 3.0 pitch configuration. When the powder is heavy, the forward-curved-edge lugs help keep it hooked up when pulling a heavy load or breaking trail. The 153" length and the articulated skid-frame gets the task done.
  • Yamaha Gen 2 Body Work
    Pulling its style from Yamaha's line of sport sleds, the Transporter 800 SE's fresh new aerodynamic lines improve airflow around the engine and clutch bay while the body curves are specially designed to deflect snow away from the rider when cruising through deep snow.


  • Mountain Seat
    The lightweight mountain seat's tall and narrow profile eases rider transitions from side-to-side and improves stand-up ergonomics.
  • Tall Wind Deflector
    The sculpted, function windshield deflects wind and snow up and over the rider at speed while its flared edges add protection and warmth for your hands.
  • Dual Bulb Halogen Headlight
    Two super bright quartz halogen headlight bulbs ensure you will always have a light to get you home.
  • Handlebar-Controlled Digital Gauge
    Fully-featured and easy-to-read, the digital gauge displays critical information in a glance including speed, fuel level, trip mileage, tach, elevation, temperatures and more. Easily change functions with the switch controls on the left handle bar.


  • Lightweight CVT Drive Clutch
    The lightweight CVT drive clutch employs a roller bearing-equipped main shaft that works to keep belt tension consistent with no need to manually adjust for wear. This designs delivers an extra low ratio engagement point to reduce belt slip and wear at take off with no compromise in the top ratio when the system is shifted out. This 'low first gear' is especially beneficial when towing or hauling a heavy load.
  • EFI Engine
    Based on the engine RPM, electronic fuel injection provides efficient fuel delivery at two different injection points in the cylinder for maximum torque and response. The computerized fuel injection ensures reliable cold weather starting and maximum fuel range with low exhaust gas emissions.
  • CVTech Drive System
    The sensor monitors cylinder vibration to signal the ECM in the event of combustion detonation due to improper fuel or running conditions so that timing can be adjusted to prevent engine damage.
  • Push Button Reverse
    With just the push of your thumb, you can easily shift to and from reverse. A servo motor shifts the drivetrain into reverse simply and consistently while an audible warning beeper reminds you when the system is still in reverse.
  • Large Capacity Fuel Tank
    The Transporter 800 SE is equipped with a super sized 13.7 gal / 52 liter fuel tank providing excellent range between fuel stops.
  • Sturdy Rack with Hitch
    A sturdy tube-style rack provides ample storage for fuel cans, gear or whatever you need to get the job done. Additional storage is provided by a full size under-seat storage bag or strong pivot-type hitch is included to hook up your towables.


  • Yamaha Mountain Ski
    The lightweight Yamaha Mountain ski delivers everything you want in a deep snow ski. Its wide footprint enhances flotation and actively lifts the sled’s nose up in deep powder. Traction lugs on the top of the ski give a sure foothold when it gets really gnarly. The wide and deep keel design deliver light steering effort yet confident and predictable handling, whether it's hard-packed snow or fresh fluff.
  • Mountain Steering System
    A dedicated, tall-steering post delivers optimum ergonomics for stand-up riding. The 6.5" riser and the broad, molded, curved-end mountain bar and incorporated mountain strap deliver ample leverage for off-trail riding. The adjustable system dials you in during sweep and reach to keep you in the sweet spot.
  • Hayes Performance Brakes
    The strong Hayes hydraulic Stealth brake master-cylinder is equipped with a composite Stealth brake lever and lightweight caliper which provides great modulation for a better feel and powerful stopping performance.
  • SRV Front Suspension
    The SRV front suspension geometry manages spindle camber which minimizes bump-steer and maximizes cornering bite, giving rider confidence in any trail condition. The A-arms are mounted at a 30-degree angle from the sled's centerline to efficiently dissipate the impact force throughout the entire chassis. The front shocks mount directly to the leading spar so that trail forces are routed to the strongest part of the chassis. Wide a-arm spacing minimizes flex and stress in the front suspension system, meaning consistent and confident corner handling.