2014 Snowmobile Model Overview
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Apex SE
Top Performance 4-stroke. Sets the bar for top trail sleds with its all air suspension and EPS.
MSRP $15,049*
Top Performance 4-stroke. Broad torque curve, EXUP, & EPS set the Apex at the front of the pack.
MSRP $14,099*
High Performance Genesis 4-stroke. 137 in. Rip Saw II, performance shock package in a lightweight chassis.
MSRP $12,949*
SRViper L-TX
High Performance Genesis 4-stroke. Mid windshield, 137 in. track, heated seats, comfort calibrated suspension.
MSRP $12,499*
High Performance Genesis 4-stroke. Lightweight SRV chassis. Suspensions set up for comfort, plus heated seat!
MSRP $12,149*
FX Nytro
High Performance 4-stroke. All-day fun and everyday reliable. Tuner Skis!
MSRP $9,999*
RS Vector L-TX
Mid Performance 4-stroke. Delivering dream-like handling with EPS and all the benefits of a 136” track.
MSRP $12,199*
RS Vector
Mid Performance 4-stroke. EPS equipped, groomed trail sled with quality and comfort to spare.
MSRP $11,999*
Phazer R-TX
Sport Performance 4-stroke. Capable of absorbing the rough stuff, this reliable lightweight sled never quits.
MSRP $8,599*
Apex X-TX
Top Performance 4-stroke. Powerful EPS-equipped crossover with aggressive 6 degree tipped up rails.
MSRP $14,499*
High Performance Genesis 4-stroke. Uncoupled 141in. skid frame, Cobra track and mountain skis equals Viper versatility.
MSRP $12,999*
FX Nytro X-TX 1.75
High Performance engine. The industry’s true crossover sled equally at home on or off the trail, at any elevation. Tuner Skis and 1.75” Back Country track!
MSRP $11,699*
Phazer XTX
2-cylinder Genesis 4-stroke plus a new 14 x 144 x 1.5” Freeride track and trail front equals fun wherever you ride!
MSRP $8,599*
FX Nytro M-TX 162
High Performance 4-stroke. Ascent track & skis + all air suspension - mountains don't stand a chance.
MSRP $12,899*
FX Nytro M-TX 153
High Performance 4-stroke. Lightweight, agile, and huge torque. This sled was bred for the mountains.
MSRP $12,499*
Phazer M-TX
Sport Performance 4-stroke. Lightweight and ridiculously fun, this mountain sled will be your new favorite toy.
MSRP $8,599*
2-Up Touring Utility
RS Venture GT
Mid Performance 4-stroke. The industry’s first touring sled with EPS delivers unmatched style and comfort.
MSRP $12,799*
RS Venture
Mid Performance 4-stroke. A trail-proven touring value that doesn’t sacrifice comfort or performance.
MSRP $10,699*
Venture MP
Sport Performance 4-stroke. A lightweight, utility sled providing all day comfort. 16-inch-wide track provides off-trail flotation.
MSRP $9,799*
RS Viking Professional
Mid Performance 4-stroke. The ultimate workhorse, equipped with Hi / Low gears for towing. 1.375" track lug.
MSRP $12,199*
SRX 120
A great way for sledders 6 years and older to fall in love with Yamaha 4-stroke power.
MSRP $2,699*