2014 Street Motorcycle Model Overview
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See our entire line of Supersport, Supersport Touring, Sport, Adventure Touring and Dual Sport motorcycles. You'll find performance and quality that is unmatched.
With 4-consecutive SuperBike Championships, and packed with MotoGP technology, the YZF-R1 is the most advanced Open Class sport bike on the planet.
MSRP $14,290 - $14,490*
The R6 is the top racer’s choice of bikes in AMA Daytona Sportbike and Supersport racing. All you have to do is look at the starting grid and the results.
MSRP $10,990 - $11,190*
Supersport Touring
Supersport touring perfected –The new FJR1300ES offers all the same sporty luxury of the standard FJR but with the addition of electrically adjustable suspension.
MSRP $16,890*
Packed with tons of new innovations, the ultimate Supersport Tourer just left the competition further behind.
MSRP $15,890*
Real-world performance that will make your everyday ride extraordinary.
MSRP $11,790*
The new 2014 FZ-09 boasts a game changing 850cc triple engine with "crossplane crankshaft concept" that pumps out exhilarating power and a throaty exhaust note.
MSRP $7,990*
The ultimate first sportbike, the FZ6R is packed with innovative features like adjustable seat height that make it easy for new riders to get started.
MSRP $7,790 - $7,890*
Adventure Touring/Dual Sport
Super Ténéré ES
The ultimate Adventure Tourer: powerful inline twin, 6-speed, cruise control, YCC-T & 2-position drive mode, traction control, ABS, and electronically adjustable suspension on the ES.
MSRP $16,190*
Super Ténéré
Adventure Tourer now with more powerful inline twin, 6-speed transmission, electronic cruise control, YCC-T & 2-position drive mode, traction control, ABS, and adjustable seat.
MSRP $15,090*
The pinnacle of reliable, high performance dual purpose bikes designed to continue the adventure when the road stops and the trail begins.
MSRP $6,690*
The XT250 offers reliable performance, ease of use and all-around function for the ultimate in versatility.
MSRP $5,190*
Versatility and comfort for a smooth ride, wherever you might go.
MSRP $4,590*