Yamaha FZ-09 vs Triumph Street Triple Comparison
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Yamaha has a history of producing three-cylinder motorcycles dating back to the 1970’s. This heritage carries on with the newest three-cylinder machine, the FZ-09. This 847cc, 12 valve power plant, is proving to be very popular with riders across the country. With Triumph Motorcycles offering a three-cylinder engine in their Street Triple, the inevitable question is, how do these two machines compare? In addition to the above video, we have prepared a chart below to explain the differences between the Yamaha FZ-09 and the Triumph Street Triple.    

Yamaha FZ-09
Triumph Street Triple
847cc liquid cooled, DOHC 4-stroke in-line three cylinder with 12 valves
675cc liquid cooled, DOHC 4-stroke in-line three cylinder with 12 valves
Featuring a larger, more powerful engine, the FZ-09 outperforms the Street Triple making for a much more thrilling ride
Torque Rating
65 lb-ft
50 lb-ft
The huge 30% torque advantage enjoyed by the FZ-09 adds to the excitement when riding the FZ-09
D-Mode Drive Mode
Allows rider to choose optimum engine character
Not Available
The FZ09 comes standard with features not available on the more expensive Triumph
Improves rider's feeling of torque and controllability
Not Available
Suspension - Front
41mm inverted fork adjustable preload and rebound 5.4 inches of travel
KYB 41mm inverted fork 4.3 inches of travel
The FZ-09 suspension, while offering adjustability, provides not only more suspension travel at the front fork, but also on the rear shock
Suspension - Rear
Single shock adj. preload and rebound 5.1 inches of travel
KYB monoshock 4.9 inches of travel
Brakes - Front
Twin 298mm floating discs 4 piston caliper
Twin 310mm floating discs 2 piston caliper
The four piston caliper brakes on the FZ-09 provide outstanding stopping power
Brakes - Rear
245mm disc
220mm disc
LCD Multi-Functional Meter Display w/Fuel Consumption Data
Not Available
The meter display on the FZ-09 is far superior to the meter offered on the more expensive Triumph
FZ09 is $1,409 less expensive and the value of the FZ-09 cannot be matched by Triumph with their 2014 675 Street Triple