GNCC Woods

ATV - GNCC Woods Oct 31 - Nov 1, 2015 | Crawfordsville, IN Results

Walker Fowler finished an incredibly close second in the final round, missing out on his first career XC1 Pro title by just 0.2 sec. to Chris Borich in the final moments of the most exciting season finale in years.

After taking the early lead in the two-hour XC1 race, Fowler had to defend against Borich for the entire distance, rarely enjoying more than a couple of seconds advantage. He began the final lap with a 2.3-sec. advantage over his title rival, who is known for his late-race charges. After swapping the lead with Fowler several times, Borich was within striking distance as the pair entered the motocross section on the last lap. Diving past Fowler in the final corners, he managed to take the win by just 0.203 sec. Even so, Fowler can rest assured that he did everything possible to take the title from the multi-time champion. In doing so he won six races during the year and brought the fight down to the final corner for Yamaha. “The amount of times we were rubbing and bouncing off each other was insane,” Fowler said. “It was controlled chaos and it was just so cool.”

 XC1 Pro Class
 1 Chris Borich   
 2 Walker Fowler - YAM   
 3 Adam Mcgill   
 4 Jarrod McClure   
 5 Bryan Cook   
 1  Chris Borich 315 
 2  Walker Fowler - YAM 313 
 3  Adam Mcgill 264 
 4  Jarrod McClure 223 
 5  Chris Bithell 193 

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