GNCC Woods

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ATV - GNCC Woods June 21-22, 2014 | Snowshoe, WV Results

Aboard his YFZ450R, Walker Fowler took his second XC1 Pro win of the year in the ninth round of the GNCC championship at Snowshoe, WV on Saturday, June 29. As well, Kara Merritt finished second in the Women’s class and Patrick McGuire finished third in XC2 Pro Am, putting a Yamaha on the podium in each of the three key GNCC ATV classes.

Held at the Snowshoe Mountain resort, round nine of the 2013 GNCC ATV series is unique among off-road races. It’s also the last event before the long summer break, giving Fowler extra motivation to win. He did so in decisive fashion, jumping ahead early on the unique paved start in the village, then leading the entire field for seven long laps and over two hours. Fowler’s hard training showed in the interval between his YFZ and the following rider, rival Chris Borich. Fowler forged a 43-second lead at the end of lap one, nearly a minute and a half at mid-race, and an incredible 2 min. 22 sec. advantage at the flag. “I came into this race thinking that I want to do whatever it takes to win, even if it meant riding outside of my comfort zone,” Fowler said. “I’ve been putting in more effort than I ever have and figured I would make a statement heading into summer.”

 XC1 Pro Class
 1 Walker Fowler - YAM   
 2 Chris Borich   
 3 Chris Bithell   
 4 Kevin Yoho - YAM   
 5 Adam Mcgill   
 6 Jeffrey  Pickens - YAM   
 7 Johnny Gallagher - YAM   
 8 Gabe Phillips - YAM   
 9 Matt Hanna - YAM   
 10 Braden Henthorn   
 1  Chris Borich 251 
 2  Walker Fowler - YAM 187 
 3  Chris Bithell 181 
 4  Adam Mcgill 178 
 5  Kevin Yoho - YAM 133 
 6  Jeffrey  Pickens - YAM 127 
 7  Johnny Gallagher - YAM 122 
 8  Jarrod McClure 121 
 9  Braden Henthorn 121 
 10  Gabe Phillips - YAM 104 

 Womens' Class
 1 Kylie N. Ahart   
 2 Kara Merritt - YAM   
 3 Quincy Cunningham   
 4 Katelyn Osburn   
 5 Jesi Strachman - YAM   
 1  Kyle Martin 160 
 2  Kara Merritt - YAM 149 
 3  Quincy Cunningham 145 
 4  Jesi Strachman - YAM 136 
 5  Jessica Ammons 82 

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