GNCC Woods

ATV - GNCC Woods June 6 - June 7, 2015 | Millfield, OH Results

In the “John Penton” GNCC ATV event in Ohio, rival Chris Bithell grabbed the holeshot, with Fowler taking over the lead early. After swapping positions with Bithell during the early laps, Fowler pushed hard on his YFZ during the closing stages and raced away to a nearly two-minute margin of victory.

 XC1 Pro Class
 1 Walker Fowler - YAM   
 2 Adam Mcgill   
 3 Jarrod McClure   
 4 Brycen Neal   
 5 Brian Wolfe   
 6 Brent Sturdivant   
 7 Joshua Merritt - YAM   
 8 Jeffrey  Pickens - YAM   
 9 Kevin Yoho - YAM   
 10 Braden Henthorn   

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