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ATV - GNCC Woods June 6 - June 7, 2015 | Millfield, OH Results

N-Fab/AmPro/Yamaha’s Walker Fowler raced to his fourth GNCC XC1 Pro ATV win of the season at Millfield, Ohio on Saturday, June 6, beating points leader Adam McGill in the process. The result gives Fowler the most wins of any rider in the XC1 Pro class this year, and moves him to within 13 points of Adam McGill in the standings with five rounds remaining. In the XC2 Pro Am class, teammate Cole Richardson, like Fowler aboard a YFZ450R, took his amazing seventh win of the year. Richardson now leads the XC2 Pro Am standings by 28 points over fellow Yamaha racer Cody Collier. And finally, in the morning WXC class, Tori Fryer and Kylie Ahart both earned podium finishes on their Yamahas, with Kara Merritt following up in fourth on another YFZ450R.

The XC1 Pro race was a tense affair, as both Fowler and McGill had claimed three wins so far this season – and Fowler was hungry to climb to the top of the standings. While a first-lap crash delayed McGill, Fowler tucked in behind the leaders for two laps before taking control as the second hour of racing began. Gradually he gained some breathing room, ultimately enjoying an advantage of 31.7 seconds the flag. Yamaha-mounted Brycen Neal, Landon Wolfe and Maxxis/SSI/Fox/Yamaha’s Chris Borich finished third through fifth, respectively, making it four YFZ450Rs in the top five.

In XC2 Pro Am race that launched one wave behind XC1 Pro, Richardson rode so fast that he caught and then passed 11 of 13 XC1 riders on his way to third overall, a truly spectacular effort. In the two-hour race he simply flew away from the XC2 field while cutting through the XC1 ranks. His advantage over YFZ-mounted Collier was nearly a half minute after a single lap, increased to over a minute on lap two, to almost two minutes after four laps, and to over three and half minutes at the checkers. For his part, Collier ran steadily in second for the entire race, with fellow YFZ pilot Blake Tornes advancing from mid-pack to make the XC2 Pro Am podium a 1-2-3 Yamaha affair. Fantastic job all!

 XC1 Pro Class
 1 Walker Fowler - YAM   
 2 Adam Mcgill   
 3 Brycen Neal   
 4 Landon Wolfe   
 5 Chris Borich   
 6 Brian Wolfe   
 7 Johnny Gallagher - YAM   
 8 Joshua Merritt - YAM   
 9 Jarrod McClure   
 10 Kevin Yoho - YAM   
 1  Adam Mcgill 204 
 2  Walker Fowler - YAM 191 
 3  Chris Borich 141 
 4  Brycen Neal 141 
 5  Jarrod McClure 138 
 6  Chris Bithell 126 
 7  Jay Shadron - YAM 105 
 8  Brian Wolfe 103 
 9  Landon Wolfe 101 
 10  Landon Wolfe 101 

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