GNCC Woods

ATV - GNCC Woods May 23 - May 24, 2015 | Masontown, WV Results

In the XC1 Pro class, AmPro teammate Walker Fowler came from behind to take an inspired second overall, followed by Maxxis/SSI/Fox/Yamaha’s Chris Borich. Fowler received a time penalty early in the event for firing his engine early. The impressive ride from deep in the pack gave Fowler 25 valuable points, and he now lies second in the overall standings, 18 points behind event winner Adam McGill.

In the premier XC1 Pro class, Fowler got a great start but was called in to serve a time penalty at the end of lap one. When he went back out he was at the back of the pack – with a lot of work to do. But three-time 2015 race winner put his head down and began carving through the Pro field. He raced his YFZ up to fifth place by the end of the second lap, swept into podium position by lap three, and then climbed to second on the next-to-last lap. From there on, Fowler pursued McGill but could not quite catch the leader, finishing just 10.3 seconds behind, followed by Borich, after the two-hour-long race.

 XC1 Pro Class
 1 Adam Mcgill   
 2 Walker Fowler - YAM   
 3 Chris Borich   
 4 Brycen Neal   
 5 Jarrod McClure   
 6 Chris Bithell   
 7 Jay Shadron - YAM   
 8 Kevin Yoho - YAM   
 9 Joshua Merritt - YAM   
 10 Brian Hulsey - YAM   
 1  Adam Mcgill 179 
 2  Walker Fowler - YAM 161 
 3  Jarrod McClure 126 
 4  Chris Borich 125 
 5  Brycen Neal 120 
 6  Chris Bithell 117 
 7  Jay Shadron - YAM 95 
 8  Kevin Yoho - YAM 89 
 9  Brian Wolfe 88 
 10  Landon Wolfe 83 

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