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Pro Road Racing Sep 11-13, 2015 | Millville, New Jersey Results

Monster Energy/Graves/Yamaha’s Josh Hayes and RoadRace Factory’s Jake Gagne claimed a pair of 2014 AMA Pro Road Racing championships during the season finale at New Jersey Motorsports Park over the Sept. 13-14 weekend. Hayes went 2-1 in the twin SuperBike races to earn his fourth title in the last five years and give the YZF-R1 five consecutive championships. Teammate Cameron Beaubier uncharacteristically fell in both races, but still finished third in the championship with three wins, a tremendous result for the SuperBike rookie. While in Daytona SportBike, Gagne went 2-1 aboard his YZF-R6 to earn his first AMA Pro championship in the ultra-competitive class ahead of Meen Yamaha’s Jake Lewis and Yamalube/Westby Racing’s Dane Westby, with the Yamaha trio taking eight of the 10 wins during the season.

In Sunday’s dry race two, Hayes charged to the front early but a mistake on lap three cost him several positions and handed control to Beaubier. Hayes quickly recovered and fought his way into an intense four-lap battle for the lead before Cameron fell trying to out-brake his teammate on lap 11, letting Hayes cruise to his 48th career SuperBike win. “I’m glad to win this last race of the season, especially after winning the championship yesterday,” he said. “It’s been an awesome season for Monster Energy/Graves/Yamaha, and five straight championships for Yamaha and the R1 is just amazing!”

 SuperBike Race 2 Results
 1 Josh Hayes - YAM   
 2 Roger Lee Hayden   
 3 Martin Cardenas   
 4 Bernat Martinez - YAM   
 5 David Anthony   
 6 Jodi Christie   
 7 Chris Clark   
 8 Larry Pegram   
 9 Chris Ulrich   
 10 Taylor Knapp   
 Standings after Race 11 of 11
 1  Josh Hayes - YAM 285 
 2  Roger Lee Hayden 231 
 3  Cameron Beaubier - YAM 206 
 4  Chris Clark 176 
 5  David Anthony 175 
 6  Martin Cardenas 147 
 7  Cory West 124 
 8  Chris Fillmore 119 
 9  Larry Pegram 105 
 10  Bernat Martinez - YAM 98 

Hayes took the SuperBike pole on Saturday, his third of the season. However serious rain during the 23-lap race prompted him to take a conservative approach early on to protect his title chances. This proved wise as many riders ultimately fell, including Beaubier, who fortunately remounted to finish fifth. Treacherous as the conditions were though, Hayes finally turned up the heat and passed leader Roger Hayden on lap 12, with the pair then swapping places five times in a spectacular duel in the wet conditions. Although Hayes crossed the line first, a penalty for a yellow flag infraction demoted him to second. Fortunately this was good enough to give the likable Mississippian the title.

 SuperBike Race 1 Results
 1 Roger Lee Hayden   
 2 Josh Hayes - YAM   
 3 Larry Pegram   
 4 Sean Dwyer   
 5 Cameron Beaubier - YAM   
 6 Marcel Irnie   
 7 Chris Clark   
 8 Cory West   
 9 Chris Ulrich   
 10 Taylor Knapp   

Sunday’s race two wrapped up the Daytona SportBike year sensationally for Yamaha, with R6s taking the first five positions and Gagne winning his third race of the season, right after being crowned champion on Saturday. While numerous intense battles raged behind him, Gagne controlled all 21 laps to finish a relatively comfortable 2.562 seconds ahead of Gerloff, Westby, Lewis and Y.E.S./Monster Energy/Graves/Yamaha’s JD Beach. “Ending the season with a win is amazing,” he said. “I’m glad it worked out for my team – not only today, but all season long.”

 Daytona SportBike Race 2 Results
 1 Jake Gagne - YAM   
 2 Garrett Gerloff - YAM   
 3 Dane Westby - YAM   
 4 Jake Lewis - YAM   
 5 JD Beach - YAM   
 6 Danny Eslick   
 7 Jake Zemke   
 8 Jason DiSalvo   
 9 Shane Narbonne - YAM   
 10 Kyle  Wyman - YAM   
 Standings after Race 10 of 10
 1  Jake Gagne - YAM 244 
 2  Jake Lewis - YAM 200 
 3  Dane Westby - YAM 193 
 4  Danny Eslick 188 
 5  JD Beach - YAM 183 
 6  Garrett Gerloff - YAM 163 
 7  Jake Zemke 126 
 8  Jason DiSalvo 124 
 9  Kyle  Wyman - YAM 109 
 10  Blake Young - YAM 103 

In the Daytona SportBike class, Westby qualified on the pole ahead of Gagne, Yamaha Extended Service/Monster Energy/Graves/Yamaha’s Garrett Gerloff and Lewis, all on YZF-R6s. Supremely comfortable in the rain, Westby basically checked out in the race, leading every lap on Saturday for his third victory of the year. However the big winner of the day was Gagne, who finished second to capture the championship.

 Daytona SportBike Race 1 Results
 1 Roger Lee Hayden   
 2 Josh Hayes - YAM   
 3 Larry Pegram   
 4 Sean Dwyer   
 5 Cameron Beaubier - YAM   
 6 Marcel Irnie   
 7 Chris Clark   
 8 Cory West   
 9 Chris Ulrich   
 10 Taylor Knapp   

Dustin Dominguez went 2-1 for the day aboard his HSBK Racing R6, claiming four wins for the year and just missing the class championship by two points.

 SuperSport Race 2 Results
 1 Dustin Dominguez - YAM   
 2 Hayden Gillim   
 3 Wyatt Farris   
 4 Kaleb De Keyrel - YAM   
 5 Mark  Miller Jr. - YAM   
 6 Corey Alexander   
 7 Richie Escalante - YAM   
 8 JC Camacho - YAM   
 9 Jason Aguilar - YAM   
 10 Christian Crosslin   
 Standings after Race 10 of 10
 1  Hayden Gillim 246 
 2  Dustin Dominguez - YAM 244 
 3  Wyatt Farris 183 
 4  Corey Alexander 156 
 5  Kaleb De Keyrel - YAM 155 
 6  Jason Aguilar - YAM 127 
 7  JC Camacho - YAM 115 
 8  Cody Wyman 98 
 9  Conner Blevins 89 
 10  Curtis Murray 72 

 SuperSport Race 1 Results
 1 Hayden Gillim   
 2 Dustin Dominguez - YAM   
 3 Mark  Miller Jr. - YAM   
 4 Wyatt Farris   
 5 Justin Jones   
 6 Richie Escalante - YAM   
 7 Jimmy Merck   
 8 Tim Hunt - YAM   
 9 Kaleb De Keyrel - YAM   
 10 Kristofer Knopf - YAM   

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