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Pro Road Racing Aug 7-9, 2015 | Indianapolis, Indiana Results

After rain washed out day one of the AMA Pro SuperBike race weekend at the Mid-Ohio Sports Car Course in Ohio, Yamaha racers doubled up to do six races packed into Sunday, July 20. Fortunately the compressed timetable proved a great inspiration to all three teams, and the YZF-R1s of Monster Energy/Graves/Yamaha’s Cameron Beaubier and Josh Hayes swept both SuperBike races, Yamaha’s Jake Lewis took one of the two Daytona SportBike races on his YZF-R6, and Dustin Dominguez scorched to an impressive double win in the SuperSport class aboard his HSBK Racing R6. Also aboard R6s, RoadRace Factory/Yamaha’s Jake Gagne and Yamaha Extended Service/Monster Energy/Graves/Yamaha’s Garrett Gerloff added podium finishes in Daytona SportBike.

Hayes and Beaubier have been highly competitive all year, and when the pair qualified side-by-side on the SuperBike grid, it promised real fireworks in the twin 16-lap races. In race one, Hayes jumped from pole into the lead over rival Roger Hayden and Beaubier, hoping to gap them and check out. But Beaubier had other plans, getting around Hayden on lap two, shadowing his teammate and then passing for the lead and eventual win on lap six. It was Beaubier’s third win in his SuperBike rookie year – a fantastic accomplishment. Hayes recharged for the second race, impressively leading every lap while defending Beaubier’s multiple attacks. The pair was so evenly matched that guessing the outcome was impossible, even in the final sprint to the flag, where a photo finish ultimately gave Hayes the win by just 0.001 second.

 SuperBike Race 2 Results
 1 Josh Hayes - YAM   
 2 Cameron Beaubier - YAM   
 3 Roger Hayden   
 4 Chris Fillmore   
 6 Taylor Knapp - YAM   
 7 David Anthony   
 8 Chris Ulrich   
 9 Cory West   
 10 Frankie Babuska   
 Standings after Race 9 of 11
 1  Josh Hayes - YAM 230 
 2  Cameron Beaubier - YAM 190 
 3  Roger Hayden 176 
 4  David Anthony 159 
 5  Chris Fillmore 119 
 6  Cory West 101 
 7  Chris Ulrich 71 

 SuperBike Race 1 Results
 1 Cameron Beaubier - YAM   
 2 Josh Hayes - YAM   
 3 Roger Hayden   
 5 Chris Fillmore   
 7 David Anthony   
 8 Larry Pegram   
 9 Chris Ulrich   
 10 Frankie Babuska   

In Daytona SportBike, Lewis continued the winning streak he began in the previous round at Mazda Raceway Laguna Seca, scoring his second class win over Yamaha-mounted Gagne in the first of two races. The early laps actually belonged to Y.E.S./Monster Energy/Graves/Yamaha’s JD Beach, but Lewis slotted himself inside the top three early, spiked his R6 ahead on lap three, and then swapped the lead numerous times with Gagne over the 12 remaining laps. Gagne actually led seven laps to Lewis’ five laps, but Lewis led the one that counted, taking the checkers 0.125-second ahead of Gagne. Gagne would go on to lead most of the second race over rival Jason DiSalvo and Lewis before DiSalvo snuck by for the win over Gagne, Gerloff and Lewis.

“Congratulations to the Yamaha teams for putting everything together to accomplish five out of six wins in a very compressed day of racing,” said Yamaha road race team manager Tom Halverson. “Yamaha riders have now put themselves in position to win both the American SuperBike and Daytona SportBike championships, and Dustin Dominguez has also positioned himself to challenge for the SuperSport title as well.”

 Daytona SportBike Race 2 Results
 2 Jake Gagne - YAM   
 3 Garrett Gerloff - YAM   
 4 Jake Lewis   
 5 Bobby Fong   
 6 Blake Young - YAM   
 7 Kyle  Wyman - YAM   
 8 JD Beach - YAM   
 9 Tomas Puerta - YAM   
 10 Geoff May - YAM   
 Standings after Race 8 of 10
 1  Jake Gagne - YAM 189 
 2  Jake Lewis 182 
 3  Danny Eslick 157 
 4  JD Beach - YAM 154 
 5  Geoff May - YAM 142 
 6  Garrett Gerloff - YAM 120 
 7  Kyle  Wyman - YAM 98 
 8  Blake Young - YAM 93 
 9  Ben Young - YAM 91 

 Daytona SportBike Race 1 Results
 1 Jake Lewis   
 2 Jake Gagne - YAM   
 3 Danny Eslick   
 4 Garrett Gerloff - YAM   
 5 Geoff May - YAM   
 6 JD Beach - YAM   
 8 Bobby Fong   
 9 Blake Young - YAM   
 10 Ben Young - YAM   

 SuperSport Race 2 Results
 1 Dustin Dominguez   
 2 Hayden Gillim   
 3 Conner Blevins   
 4 Kaleb De Keyrel - YAM   
 5 Wyatt Farris   
 6 Jason Aguilar - YAM   
 7 Jimmy Merck   
 8 JC Camacho - YAM   
 9 Cody Wyman   
 10 Frankie Gillim III - YAM   
 Standings after Race 8 of 10
 1  Hayden Gillim 191 
 2  Dustin Dominguez 189 
 3  Wyatt Farris 144 
 4  Corey Alexander 141 
 5  Kaleb De Keyrel - YAM 125 
 6  Jason Aguilar - YAM 110 
 7  JC Camacho - YAM 99 
 8  Cody Wyman 93 
 9  Conner Blevins 83 
 10  Curtis Murray 62 

 SuperSport Race 1 Results
 1 Dustin Dominguez   
 2 Hayden Gillim   
 3 Wyatt Farris   
 4 Conner Blevins   
 5 JC Camacho - YAM   
 6 Kaleb De Keyrel - YAM   
 7 Cody Wyman   
 8 Carl Soltisz - YAM   
 9 Jason Aguilar - YAM   
 10 Nick McFadden   

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