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Pro Road Racing Apr 10-12, 2015 | Austin, Texas Results

All in all, Yamaha couldn’t ask for more than the performance enjoyed at the first MotoAmerica Series races held at COTA this weekend. It was an extremely successful debut for the brand-new R1, taking two Superbike wins and two second-place Superbike finishes, along with two Superstock 1000 victories and two Superstock 1000 third-place finishes. In addition, R6 mounted riders finished 1-2 in Supersport.

Superbike, Sunday... Cameron Beaubier and Josh Hayes are not only teammates, but they’re also very close friends. In Sunday’s MotoAmerica Superbike Race 2 at the Circuit of The Americas, they’ve never been closer. On the final turn of the race’s final lap, with Cameron in the lead, four-time and defending Superbike Champion Josh made a daring attempt to pass his teammate. Not willing to concede the victory, Cameron shut the door on Josh’s maneuver and took the checkered flag none the worse for wear despite a few scuffs on his leathers from Josh’s front tire.

It was an exciting finish for the Monster Energy/Graves/Yamaha tandem that enjoyed their battle just as much as the fans did.

After being presented with the first-place trophy, Cameron said, “Going into today, we made a change to the front of the bike. I was struggling a little bit in the beginning of the race, but I started to connect the corners a little bit better towards the halfway point, and with a dry track today, I felt more comfortable on the bike than I did yesterday when I finished second. I got into the lead, and I was determined to not give it up to Josh or anyone else. It was fun racing with Josh today, and it was close, which is also great for the fans.”

Josh, who won yesterday’s Superbike Race 1 and is currently tied for the MotoAmerica Superbike Championship lead with Cameron, said, “There were some areas of the track where Cam was better, and other areas where I felt like I was better. I had a few ideas on what I wanted to do, and I had a plan to try to pass him on the final turn. Well, things weren’t really working out for me a couple of turns before that final turn, and there just wasn’t room to get by him. We both wanted to win the race. It’s good fun being able to race together like that and have it be so close in the final corner. It sounded like the fans enjoyed it.”

TV coverage for Round 1 of the MotoAmerica series from COTA will air on the CBS Sports Network on Sunday, April 19 at 6:30 pm EDT, with replays on Wednesday, April 22 at 9:30 pm EDT, and on Saturday, April 25 at 10 am EDT. Confirm by checking local listings.

 Results - Superbike Race 2 - Sunday
 1 Cameron Beaubier - YAM   
 2 Josh Hayes - YAM   
 3 Roger Hayden   
 4 Jake Lewis   
 5 Chris Fillmore   
 6 Elena Myers   
 7 Bernat Martinez - YAM   
 8 Aaron Hersh   
 9 Ricky Orlando   
 10 Chris Ulrich   
 Standings after Race 2 of 18
 1  Cameron Beaubier - YAM 45 
 2  Josh Hayes - YAM 45 
 3  Roger Hayden 32 
 4  Jake Lewis 24 
 5  Bernat Martinez - YAM 22 
 6  Elena Myers 18 
 7  Chris Fillmore 15 
 8  Ricky Orlando 14 
 9  Aaron Hersh 13 
 10  Chris Ulrich 10 

Superbike, Saturday... It is said that rain is the great equalizer in motorcycle road racing, but the precipitation did nothing to deter four-time and defending Superbike Champion Josh Hayes from starting off the MotoAmerica era with a Race 1 victory aboard his brand-new Yamaha YZF-R1 at the Circuit of The Americas. Meanwhile, Josh’s teammate Cameron Beaubier, who earned the pole position in Friday’s qualifying, finished a strong second to make it a one-two result for the Monster Energy/Graves/Yamaha squad.

Josh got a great start off the line, and he ultimately led every lap in the race, with Cameron in the top three for the first couple of laps. The Superbike sophomore moved into second position early in the contest and remained there to the checkers.

RoadRace Factory/Yamaha rider Jake Gagne, riding a brand-new R1 in MotoAmerica’s Superstock 1000 class that races conjointly with Superbike, battled for third with Superbike rider Roger Hayden. Jake ultimately won the race in his class and was fourth overall, leaving a bevy of Superbikes behind him in the final results.

After his victory, Josh said, “New bike, new series, new track for us, and there are a lot of people here for MotoGP, so there was a lot to think about. It’s great to get the win, especially when you throw in the rain. The crossplane crankshaft is more refined in this new R1, and I think it helped us in the rain today. The (tire) grip was really good, and a lot of that has to do with how smooth the bike puts the power to the ground.

“I’m missing my friend Dane (Westby) today,” Josh added. “He was riding well here during the test a few weeks ago, and I have no doubt that he’d have been up here with us.”

Cameron said, “I’m really happy to get out of here with a second place. I had some issues in the rain last year, and these Superbikes are a handful in the wet, but this new R1 really suits me well. Getting second in those conditions gives me a lot of confidence for the season.”

 Results - Superbike Race 1 - Saturday
 1 Josh Hayes - YAM   
 2 Cameron Beaubier - YAM   
 3 Roger Hayden   
 4 Bernat Martinez - YAM   
 5 Jake Lewis   
 6 Chris Ulrich   
 7 Mathew Orange   
 8 Elena Myers   
 9 Ricky Orlando   
 10 Mark Heckles - YAM   

 Qualifying - Superbike - Friday
 1 Cameron Beaubier - YAM  2:09.653 
 2 Josh Hayes - YAM  2:10.198 
 3 Roger Hayden  2:10.449 
 4 Jake Lewis  2:12.075 
 5 Chris Fillmore  2:13.185 
 6 Chris Ulrich  2:16.125 
 7 Elena Myers  2:17.075 
 8 Bernat Martinez - YAM  2:18.648 
 9 Aaron Hersh  2:21.402 

Superstock 1000, Sunday... In Superstock 1000 Race 2, run at the same time as the Superbike race, Jake Gagne, rider of the RoadRace Factory/Yamaha YZF-R1, followed up his Saturday win with another victory on Sunday. Mirroring the double-podium Yamaha R1 finish in Superbike, Taylor Knapp finished third to Jake aboard his Taylor Knapp Racing R1.

 Results - Superstock 1000 Race 2 - Sunday
 1 Jake Gagne - YAM   
 2 Dustin Dominguez   
 3 Taylor Knapp - YAM   
 4 Geoff May - YAM   
 5 Devon McDonough   
 6 Tyler O’Hara - YAM   
 7 Mark Heckles - YAM   
 8 Marcel Irnie   
 9 Barrett  Long   
 10 Jeff Wrobel   
 Standings after Race 2 of 18
 1  Jake Gagne - YAM 50 
 2  Dustin Dominguez 40 
 3  Geoff May - YAM 29 
 4  Tyler O’Hara - YAM 27 
 5  Taylor Knapp - YAM 26 
 6  Mark Heckles - YAM 22 
 7  Devon McDonough 22 
 8  Barrett  Long 16 
 9  Eddie Thornton 14 
 10  Marcel Irnie 12 

Superstock 1000, Saturday... In MotoAmerica’s first ever Superstock 1000 race, run at the same time as the Superbike race, Jake Gagne, rider of the RoadRace Factory/Yamaha YZF-R1, took the win. His victory was so convincing he finished in front of all Superbike competitors except those that stood on the podium. Tyler O'Hara finished third to Jake also on a new R1.

 Results - Superstock 1000 Race 1 - Saturday
 1 Jake Gagne - YAM   
 2 Dustin Dominguez   
 3 Tyler O’Hara - YAM   
 4 Devon McDonough   
 5 Taylor Knapp - YAM   
 6 Geoff May - YAM   
 7 Barrett  Long   
 8 Carlos Lescale   
 9 Jeff Wrobel   
 10 Eddie Thornton   

 Qualifying - Superstock 1000 - Friday
 1 Jake Gagne - YAM  2:10.286 
 2 Dustin Dominguez  2:12.342 
 3 Tyler O’Hara - YAM  2:15.551 
 4 Taylor Knapp - YAM  2:16.083 
 5 Devon McDonough  2:16.611 
 6 Geoff May - YAM  2:16.928 
 7 Mark Heckles - YAM  2:17.452 
 8 Marcel Irnie  2:17.468 
 9 Barrett  Long  2:18.215 
 10 Eddie Thornton  2:18.696 

Supersport, Saturday... The new Yamalube/Y.E.S./Graves/Yamaha Supersport team had a stellar day in difficult track conditions on Saturday at the Circuit of The Americas (COTA) as JD Beach took the win aboard his #95 Yamaha YZF-R6 and teammate Garrett Gerloff finished second on his #31 R6.

The inaugural MotoAmerica Supersport race was met with sprinkling skies, which changed to drying conditions, and ultimately concluded with a downpour. JD relied on his considerable skills as a flat track racer to ride smooth and steady on the fickle track surface. It was a satisfying win for the popular Kentuckian, who took the checkers and enthusiastically stood on his footpegs to exult the happy crowd. JD and Garrett rode in tandem for much of the race, avoiding the attrition that befell several competitors during the 12-lap contest. Patience and skill paid off for Garrett, who couldn’t quite catch JD, but followed him across the finish line.

Commenting on his win, JD said, “I want to dedicate this win to the Westby family, and to Dane, who was a great rain rider. It was fitting that we had those kind of conditions today.”

JD continued, “All that training in the cold conditions in Kentucky over the winter really paid off. Racing is my life, and I’ve been doing it since I was really little. I’ve dedicated myself to this, so to finally get this win makes me so happy. And, I’m also really happy for my entire Yamalube/Y.E.S./Graves/Yamaha team.”

Talking about his race, Garrett said, “At the beginning, I felt like I was having some trouble getting the bike to hook up in the wet. I settled down, but the rain got more intense, and by that point, I didn’t think I could catch JD. He ran a great race, and I’m happy for him. I wish it was me in P1, but I’m glad it was my teammate in front of me.”

 Results - Supersport Race - Saturday
 1 JD Beach - YAM   
 2 Garrett Gerloff - YAM   
 3 David Anthony   
 4 Ben Young - YAM   
 5 Kaleb De Keyrel - YAM   
 6 Joe Roberts - YAM   
 7 Josh Herrin - YAM   
 8 Kyle  Wyman - YAM   
 9 Ramdan Rosli - YAM   
 10 Kris Lillegard   
  Standings after Race 1 of 15
 1  JD Beach - YAM 25 
 2  Garrett Gerloff - YAM 20 
 3  David Anthony 16 
 4  Ben Young - YAM 13 
 5  Kaleb De Keyrel - YAM 11 
 6  Joe Roberts - YAM 10 
 7  Josh Herrin - YAM
 8  Kyle  Wyman - YAM
 9  Bobby Fong
 10  Ramdan Rosli - YAM

 Qualifying - Supersport - Friday
 1 Garrett Gerloff - YAM  2:13.082 
 2 Bobby Fong  2:13.846 
 3 Josh Herrin - YAM  2:14.067 
 4 JD Beach - YAM  2:14.094 
 5 Joe Roberts - YAM  2:14.731 
 6 David Anthony  2:14.983 
 7 Tomas Puerta - YAM  2:15.196 
 8 Kyle  Wyman - YAM  2:15.607 
 9 Cameron Peterson - YAM  2:16.730 
 10 Ben Young - YAM  2:18.099 

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