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Yamaha/QuadX July 27, 2014 | San Bernardino, CA Results

The Nelson Report
Round 6 - 9/7/13
Canyon Motocross Park
Peoria, AZ

Round 6 of the 2013 Yamaha Quad X Series was held at Canyon Motocross Park in Peoria, AZ. The series’ lone night race for 2013 was met with very hot and muggy conditions. Temps were hovering around 105 as practice began and by the second pro moto had only cooled to the mid 90’s. Canyon is a new track to the Quad X schedule and the riders faced a narrow, one-lined track.

Moto 1: Davi Haagsma rocketed to the first moto holeshot with Josh Row running 2nd and Beau Baron 3rd; I was running 5th behind Evan Spooner. Haagsma had some issues on the first lap and nearly caused a couple crashes as we all tried to avoid him and his bogging bike. While avoiding Haagsma I was able to also get past Spooner and move into 3rd. Row was now leading with Baron all over him as I tried to close the gap and make it a three way battle. Just as I caught the lead duo, Baron made a mistake and spun off the inside of the track handing me 2nd. Row was riding solid laps out front and while I quickly caught him, passing was not easy on this track. After chasing Row for 5 laps I was able to carry more momentum through a corner and over jump the next table top to land on his inside – this gave me the advantage as we entered the next corner and finally the lead was mine. Over the next few laps I was able to get a comfortable gap and back down my pace slightly, as my bike was over heating from the hot temps and major roost that had surely plugged my radiator. At the finish I took the win with Row 2nd and Haagsma recovering for 3rd. Garrin Fuller worked his way up to 4th with Dylan Dixon taking 5th.

Moto 2: Baron grabbed the second moto holeshot with teammate Haagsma just behind. Spooner had another strong start in 3rd with me 4th. I was in a hurry to get around and not let the top two get away and rear ended Spooner off a jump when he checked up more than I expected. We were thrown a little awkward off the jump but both managed to stay up and I made the pass into 3rd. The next few laps were spent trying to close the gap on Baron and Haagsma. Once I got close to Haagsma I realized I had much more corner speed but a pass would be difficult without a mistake by him. He made a few but none big enough for me to make the pass until late in the race when he slid a little wide into the heavy dirt/mud up a hill and lost some momentum. I pulled up alongside and Haagsma finally relinquished the spot. While we were battling Baron had run away out front and built an insurmountable lead. When the checkers flew it was Baron with the win. I took 2nd in the moto and the overall victory for the night. Haagsma was 3rd followed by Fuller and Tanner Gemperle.

Round 6 of the 2013 Yamaha Quad X series went great. We got win number two for the season and made up some all-important points. I’ve always liked and done well at the Arizona night races and I’m stoked to keep that going. The next race will be at The Ranch on October 26th.

  Pro 265-450
 1 Dustin Nelson - YAM   
 2 David Haagsma   
 3 Beau Baron   
 4 Garrin  Fuller   
 5 Josh Row - YAM   
 1  David Haagsma 138 
 2  Dustin Nelson - YAM 130 
 3  Beau Baron 129 
 4  Josh Row - YAM 109 
 5  Tanner Gemperle - YAM 104 

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