Yamaha/QuadX July 27, 2014 | San Bernardino, CA Results

The Nelson Report
Round 6 - 7/27/14
Glen Helen Raceway
Devore, Ca

Round 6 of the 2014 Yamaha Quad X Series took place at Glen Helen Raceway. The track layout was short with very few jumps or technical sections. The big hills were in as always but most of the track was just choppy straights and grooved corners. July at Glen Helen is rarely under 100 degrees and today the temps hovered right around there, although there was quite a bit more humidity than usual.

Moto 1: I had a decent jump off the dirt starting pad left over from the AMA MX National but was out-pulled down the long start straight by David Haagsma. My #94 YFZ-R slotted into second around the Talladega first turn just ahead of Garrin Fuller. The three of us stayed close for a couple laps but a couple mistakes cost me and I eventually lost touch with Haagsma. My rear brakes near over-heated near the halfway point with all the fast straights and down hills, causing me to lose even more ground. After a couple laps of laying off the brake-dragging, they were back and I rode strong to the finish but had nothing for Haagsma who took the win.

Moto 2: I launched a little crooked out of my ruts and knew immediately I had no chance for the holeshot; instead I was in a drag race with Fuller for the 2nd spot as Haagsma again grabbed the holeshot. The track had gotten much more choppy and all the rutted corners were much deeper than moto 1. I tried to ride smooth and fast to pressure Haagsma but he slowly pulled away from me for another moto win. I crossed the line in 2nd, followed by Fuller in 3rd.

Round 6 of the 2014 Yamaha Quad X series was a hot, muggy day at Glen Helen. While I’m not happy with a 2nd on the day, I am happy to see more pros on the line and to be pushed harder than the last couple rounds. Our next round has been rescheduled to Glen Helen on Saturday August 23rd. I’m sure it will be just as hot and I’m hoping to get back on the top step of that podium.

  Pro 265-450
 1 David Haagsma   
 2 Dustin Nelson - YAM   
 3 Garrin  Fuller   
 1  Dustin Nelson - YAM 144 
 2  Tanner Gemperle - YAM 62 
 3  David Haagsma 50 

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