Yamaha/QuadX September 27, 2014 | San Bernardino, CA Results

The Nelson Report
Round 8 - 11/9/13
Glen Helen Raceway
Devore, CA

Round 8 of the 2013 Yamaha Quad X Series was held at Glen Helen Raceway. The final round of the series has formed a tradition with some of Yamaha’s brass attending and manning the BBQ after the races, cooking up hotdogs and hamburgers for the loyal racers that follow the series. Despite the excitement in the pits, the track layout for this year’s final round was very unexciting with no technical sections, high speeds and flattened jumps.

Moto 1: My #94 YFZ-R jumped out of the gate great and pulled hard all the way to the Talladega first turn getting me there second behind Davi Haagsma, with Beau Baron close behind in 3rd. Baron and I immediately started to battle over the 2nd spot as Haagsma pulled away out front. The track had developed very flat, slippery lines across all the insides of the turns and thin, sandy berms around the outsides. While my preferred line was to square across the inside, as Haagsma and Baron were doing, I was forced to the outsides, struggling for traction. Baron and I had an epic battle with him pulling up next to me at least 5 or 6 times; every time I stayed fully committed around the outside hoping my momentum would keep me ahead. Our battle went like this until the final turn of the final lap when Baron had me squared up good and I committed too much to the turn. The thin, sandy berm on the outside of the final turn gave out on me, costing me precious momentum and handing what I had fought for the whole moto to Baron. Top 5 were Haagsma, Baron, me, Josh Row and Robbie Mitchell.

Moto 2: Haagsma again grabbed the holeshot as I wheelied more than halfway down the start. Rounding the first turn from the outside I carried my speed all the way into the back tire of Baron who was drifting out. Contact exiting the Talladega turn is scary – carrying lots of speed near the front of the pack is not exactly where you want to go down. I had to check up and Row went by for 3rd. As we made our way through a slippery turn two, Row slid wide and I was able to get back into 3rd as we raced up the first hill. The track was freshly watered and by the time we came off the top of the first downhill I had a face full of mud. I caught a bump at the bottom and almost missed the turn, handing the spot back to Row. For the next couple laps Row and I had one of our best battles of the year, trading inside for outside in nearly every corner. I finally made the pass stick but it took 3 corners of side-by-side battling to pull it off. Once into 2nd I pushed really hard to close the gap on the lead duo but wasn’t able to make it happen. At the finish it was Haagsma, Baron, me, Row and Mitchell.

Round 8 of the 2013 Yamaha Quad X series had good battles in both motos. Unfortunately the battles were for 2nd and 3rd rather than the win. While we did get a couple wins this season, I expect to have more, and win championships. That’s what my sponsors and team deserve and that’s what we will be back for in 2014.

 Pro 265-450
 1 David Haagsma   
 2 Beau Baron   
 3 Dustin Nelson - YAM   
 1  David Haagsma 188 
 2  Beau Baron 173 
 3  Dustin Nelson - YAM 170 

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