Yamaha/QuadX June 15, 2014 | Anza, CA Results

The Nelson Report
Round 4 - 6/15/14
The Ranch
Anza, CA

Round 5 of the 2014 Yamaha Quad X Series took place at The Ranch in Anza, CA. Our second visit in just about a month and our final race at The Ranch for 2014. Overall attendance has been weak for the last couple rounds and today was no different. With riders from Alaska, New Mexico and northern Nevada following the series, I don’t understand why more of the southern California and Arizona quad riders don’t come out. Without more attendance I don’t believe the southwest quad racers will have a quad mx series to call home much longer. The pro/pro-am classes raced together again at Round 5 to make things a little more interesting.

Moto 1: I hesitated slightly as the gate dropped; The Ranch has probably the slowest-falling gate I’ve experienced in my years of racing and I did not want to be stuck in it. Leaving the line just a bit late, I relied on the power and hook up of my #94 YFZ-R to get me up the start hill and into the turn with the holeshot. Once out front I ran fast and smooth laps, treating the 20 minute moto like a training session. When the checkers flew I crossed the line first, far ahead of Levi Shirley, the leading Pro-Am rider.

Moto 2: I left the gate even with many of my competitors but once again the power of my YFZ-R pulled me to the holeshot. The track was quite beat up in the second moto with some big holes and square edges. My lead grew even faster with the tougher track conditions and I even ran into lappers in the final couple laps. But without any pressure I cruised to another win, with Shirley again crossing the line a distant 2nd.

Round 5 of the 2014 Yamaha Quad X series was a nice way to spend Father’s Day. As always, my dad, or Pops as we call him, was there to spin my wrenches and I enjoyed having my 3 little ones at the track with me for the weekend too. I’m disappointed to not have more competition showing up and to not see the series doing as well as in the past, but being there on these more low key weekends makes me realize why I love racing. There are families and friends all having a great time hanging out, competing, even helping each other – doing something that makes us all happy. Hope to see more of that at Glen Helen on July 27th for round six.

 1 Dustin Nelson - YAM  (122) 
 2 Tanner Gemperle - YAM  (62) 
 3 David Haagsma  (25) 

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