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Yamaha/QuadX May 18, 2014 | Anza, CA Results

The Nelson Report
Round 4 6/30/13
Competitive Edge
Hesperia, CA

Round 4 of the 2013 Yamaha Quad X series was held at Competitive Edge in California’s high desert. In addition to serious heat wave, the riders were met with a jump-filled track that makes its way back and forth across a valley. Race day temps were around the 108 mark and the heat would take its toll on both the riders and their quads.

Moto 1: Davi Haagsma pulled the first moto holeshot with Tanner Gemperle 2nd and me 3rd. Lots of water had been laid down on the track to fight the dust and I immediately started going through tear-offs trying to find a way past Gemperle. On lap 3 my overheat light came on from the mud spray packing the radiator; later that lap I made a mistake during a pass attempt and went off the track, allowing Beau Baron past. The following lap Baron made the pass into 2nd and I was able to make the pass on Gemperle for 3rd the next time around. Haagsma was gone out front with a 15 second lead over the rest of us. Just past halfway the bikes seemed to be struggling more than the riders with the heat. My overheat light had been on since lap 3 and now I had some detonation and power loss, but Baron and Haagsma had bigger problems out front as they started to boil their gas and I immediately made the time up and passed the struggling Baron. Haagsma had just enough of a lead to hold me off at the finish by a mere 2 seconds. Josh Row has worked hard following me thru the pack to earn a strong 3rd.

Moto 2: Baron pulled the second moto holeshot with Haagsma in tow. I had a horrible start as Gemperle and I bumped right out of the gate and couldn’t get away from each other all the way to turn one. I exited the first turn in 7th and had a lot of work to do. In the first two turns I made my way to 5th and then got to watch Gemperle and Collins Webster try to crash each other as they collided at least three times on lap one. I was able to pass Webster on the outside as he recovered from one of their run-ins. Then, just as we began lap two, I made the pass on Gemperle for 3rd in a tight, right, left turn combination. Out front the teammates Baron and Haagsma battled for the first half of the race then Haagmsa backed it down a bit to ensure a finish. When the checkers flew it was Baron with the win, Haagsma 2nd, me 3rd, and Gemperle beating out Row in a battle that started near the halfway point of the 20 minutes plus 2 laps moto.

Round 4 of the 2013 Yamaha Quad X series was a hot one! The track crew did a great job of keeping the dust down with lots of water on such a hot day. We have a very short turn around as Round 5 of the Yamaha Quad X series is at Glen Helen just one week from now on July 7th. Time to start the recovery and bike prep!

 Pro 265-450
 1 David Haagsma   
 2 Dustin Nelson - YAM   
 3 Beau Baron   
 4 Tanner Gemperle - YAM   
 5 Josh Row - YAM   
 1  David Haagsma 97 
 2  Dustin Nelson - YAM 87 
 3  Beau Baron 84 
 4  Tanner Gemperle - YAM 73 
 5  Josh Row - YAM 71 

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