Yamaha/QuadX May 2, 2015 | San Bernardino, CA Results

The Nelson Report
Round 3 - 4/27/14
Competitive Edge
Hesperia, CA

Round 3 of the 2014 Yamaha Quad X Series was held under cold and windy conditions at Competitive Edge in California’s high desert. Despite the challenging weather conditions the track was fun and well-prepped with minimal dust throughout the day of racing. This track always has some big jumps and the wind, along with working our way through the pack of Pro Am riders, made for some sketchy moments.

Moto 1: My #94 YFZ-R hooked up great off the concrete and pulled hard up the short start giving me the inside and just enough room to grab the first moto holeshot over David Haagsma and Tanner Gemperle. Haagsma was just to my outside and we drag raced down the straight to turn 2. The battle was on between Haagsma and me, as I barely kept the lead. Over the next couple laps Haagsma pressured me hard but never made any pass attempts. Then we reached the tail end of the Pro Am class. Things quickly got interesting as many of the Pro Ams were doubling some of the bigger triples and Haagsma and I had to take evasive action and find creative ways through the traffic. At one point in the moto I had a few second gap on Haagsma but that was cut to nothing when we hit the next group of lappers. With 3 laps to go Haagsma made a good inside pass on me just after the finish line to take the lead. I tried to chase him down and return the favor but couldn’t pull it off. At the finish it was Haagsma with the win, me in second and Gemperle third.

Moto 2: I pulled another good start but just had a little too much heavy dirt in my line as Haagsma pinched me off in turn one to grab the second moto holeshot. The roost was crazy as they were watering while we raced and I made the huge mistake of ripping my whole stack of tear offs on the first lap. On lap 2 I was pushing hard to try and make something happen but only lost ground when I made a couple mistakes. The lappers once again made the race more exciting than I would have liked when I caught two that were battling and was pushed off the track around a left-handed sweeper. After dodging the water truck that happened to be in the same corner, I rejoined the race but had lost a good amount of time to Haagsma who was riding fast and smooth out front. When the checkers flew it was Haagsma with another win, ahead of me in second and Gemperle in third.

Round 3 of the 2014 Yamaha Quad X series had some good battles but I’m disappointed to not come out on top. The first moto was a close battle to the end but the second moto I lost too much ground. Back to work to try and pick up some more speed before round 4 at The Ranch on May 18th.

 Pro 265-450
 1 David Haagsma   
 2 Dustin Nelson - YAM   
 3 Tanner Gemperle - YAM   
 1  Dustin Nelson - YAM 72 
 2  Tanner Gemperle - YAM 62 
 3  David Haagsma 25 

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