Snowmobile Racing

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Snowmobile - Cross Country December 20-21, 2014 | Gonvick, MN Results

The national cross-country tour came rolling across the frozen lakes of northern Minnesota with an icy-cold blast as Yamaha racers battled extreme sub-zero temperatures and near white-out conditions in the United States X-Country (USXC) season opener on legendary Pine Lake. The 2014 Yamaha cross-country team came ready to hone their chops with the all-new SR Viper RTX SE and lay the groundwork for a season of success.

Each member of the team had a unique set of personal goals and challenges entering the weekend, and while the Pro podium eluded the blue squadron, it was a successful launch to the season, with more significant accomplishments almost certainly on the horizon.

Returning rider Ben Lindbom started his first full season in the pro ranks after capturing the Semi-Pro title last winter. While Ben struggled during the first day of competition, key set-up changes Saturday night and new found confidence allowed Ben to settle in Sunday, and prove he has what it takes to run with the best in the business as his Viper showed blistering speed.

Another familiar face in Yamaha blue was Re Wadena, who was intent on getting a feel for the new Viper in competition trim, while looking forward to when USXC races leave the frozen lake surface and give way to nasty ditch-lines and natural terrain. ā€œIā€™m looking forward to some rough ditches, high speeds, and having a great time,ā€ said Wadena, who is pumped about his chances aboard the new Viper.

 Pro Stock - Day 1
 1 Wesley Selby   
 2 Zach  Herfindahl   
 3 Gabe Bunke   
 4 Ryan Faust   
 5 Corey Davidson   
 6 Aaron Christensen   
 7 Jordan Torgerson   
 8 Travis Faust   
 9 Chad Lian   
 10 Joe  Burch   

 Pro Stock - Day 2
 1 Zach  Herfindahl   
 2 Gabe Bunke   
 3 Wesley Selby   
 4 Chad Lian   
 5 Jordan Torgerson   
 6 Travis Faust   
 7 Aaron Christensen   
 8 Joe  Burch   
 9 Ryan Faust   
 10 Ross Erdman - YAM   

 Pro Open - Day 1
 1 Gabe Bunke   
 2 Ryan Faust   
 3 Brian Dick   
 4 Wesley Selby   
 5 Aaron Christensen   
 6 Justin Tate   
 7 Jordan Torgerson   
 8 Re Wadena - YAM   
 9 Ross Erdman - YAM   
 10 Mathew  Piche - YAM   

 Pro Open - Day 2
 1 Gabe Bunke   
 2 Wesley Selby   
 3 Aaron Christensen   
 4 Zach  Herfindahl   
 5 Brian Dick   
 6 Jordan Torgerson   
 7 Ross Erdman - YAM   
 8 Chad Lian   
 9 Ryan Faust   
 10 Re Wadena - YAM   

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