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The Advantages
Yamaha Super Ténéré®
Most Capable and Versatile Adventure Sport Tourer in its Class / Most Value
Lowest Manufacturer’s Suggested Retail Price (MSRP) in its class and loaded with exciting technological advances, innovations, and exclusives for NO extra charge
YES—$13,900 MSRP / dollar for dollar the best value in its class
NO—$14,950 MSRP + $495 destination fee
All-new powerful 1199cc parallel twin liquid-cooled engine with unique crank delivers uneven 270° firing interval which reduces the “inertial torque” providing a more linear throttle response and improved rear wheel traction.
YES—Unique crank design is exclusive to Ténéré / The rider feels like he / she is connected directly to the rear wheel, an important benefit when riding on loose surfaces like gravel and dirt.
NO—1170cc air/oil-cooled flat twin ('Boxer') with traditional firing order
Drive-by-Wire YCC-T® (Yamaha Chip Control Throttle) delivers instantaneous and flawless throttle response
YES—Quicker, more powerful acceleration
NO—Not available
on the GS
3-mode Traction Control (Normal, Sport, Off ) lets the rider get on the gas with more confidence
YES—Superior versatility / Superior traction on a variety of surfaces
NO—GS Traction Control is not a standard feature and costs $400 extra
Advance braking performance via Yamaha’s sophisticated Anti-lock Braking System (ABS) helps prevent wheels from locking up on slippery road surfaces while the advanced Unified Braking System enables riders to control balanced braking between front and rear
YES—Superior performance / 5mm larger front discs and 17mm larger rear
NO—ABS is not a standard feature and costs $1,100 extra / Unified Braking System is not available on the GS
Yamaha D-Mode (Drive Mode) variable throttle control provides adjustable engine/ignition mapping capability—“T-mode” enables softer engine response when touring, “S-mode” delivers highest performance response when Sport riding
YES—Superior versatility for true ADV riding enjoyment
NO—Ordinary cable throttle / Variable throttle control is not available on the GS
Smoother shifting 6-speed transmission with gear ratios optimized for everything from slow dirt roads to higher speed sport ridin
YES—Taller 6th-gear than GS for optimum cruising
NO—GS 6-speed set-up not as smooth
Compact, large-capacity wet, multi-disc coil spring clutch delivers consistent, positive engagement
YES—Superior performance and feel
NO—Dry clutch design
Modern ADV sport touring design with distinctive head-turning style
YES—Even has R1(R)-style turn signals and reflectors
NO—Old and dated design
Low, centralized engine mass design delivers optimal balance and optimum front-rear harmony
YES—The resulting weight distribution is nearly even at 51/49 / Translates into lighter feel and handling than on the GS
Crankshaft located low and close to the foot pegs contributes to low centralized mass
YES—Gives the bike a remarkably light feel, even off- road
Narrow 2-cylinder inline engine is slim and compact
YES—For carving tight lines in twisty mountain roads
NO—GS boxer twin is bulky and translates into heavier ride feel--design leaves cylinders vulnerable in off-road conditions
Fully-Adjustable inverted fork front suspension with 43mm tube, adjustable preload, compression and rebound damping delivers more positive rider feedback and adjustability for different ride conditions and load sizes
YES—Exceptional performance, versatility and comfort
NO—GS telelever front suspension is not as responsive, providing less rider feedback / Not fully-adjustable / No compression or rebound damping adjustability
Backbone-style high tensile steel frame uses engine as stressed member and delivers the perfect amount of strength, rigidity and flexibility. Soaks up the bumps off-road and performs beautifully on the highway, around town and in the twisties—specifically engineered to reduce rider fatigue
YES—Steel design offers more inherent softness than the aluminum GS frame / Provides excellent rider and passenger comfort, especially on longer rides
NO—Two-piece style aluminum frame / Not designed to reduce rider fatigue
Adjustable seat height allows lower height for shorter riders and roomier riding position for taller riders
YES—Rider can adjust 1-inch from 34.25" to 33.26
NO—Not adjustable / Customer must order GS with lowered seat height/ suspension
Sturdy spoked wheels for more durable off-road performance carry tubeless tires
YES—Excellent reliability and value
NO—Spoked wheels cost $500 extra
Larger fuel tank for added convenience and peace of mind
Handlebar brush guards for more comfort in off-road conditions
YES—Excellent comfort and value
O—Hand guards are part of an optional "standard package that costs an extra $1,985
Intuitive foot peg design provides excellent comfort while the rider is seated and cruising, then rubber compresses when the rider stands to tackle more technical riding conditions, letting his or her boots contact the metal foot peg surface
YES—Exceptional convenience, comfort and value
NO—Rider has to stop and manually remove rubber for off-road riding
On-board computer diagnostics
YES—Added convenience and value
O—An on-board computer is only available on the GS as part of an optional "standard package that costs $1,985 extra
Rider can go significantly more miles in the saddle between valve adjustments
YES—Every 24,000 miles
NO—6,000 miles

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