Power Products Factory Financing - Current Offers

No Interest for 6 months or 3.99%-12.99% APR for 36 months*
Thereafter, your Standard APR (either 12.99%-22.99% or variable 14.99%-22.99%) apply.

*No Interest for 6 months offer: Eligible purchases will be charged no interest for 6 months from purchase date. 3.99%-12.99% APR for 36 months offer: 3.99%, 5.99%, 6.99 or 12.99% APR with Minimum Payments of 1.42%, 1.58%, 1.67% or 2.17% of the purchase amount are effective 36 months from the date of delivery. For both offers: Available on approved purchases of new Yamaha Power Products made on the Yamaha Card issued by Capital One, N.A. Offer valid through 6/30/14. Your account must be open and current to be eligible for this offer. The amount of your total Minimum Payment will change if you make additional purchases or have other account balances. Thereafter, regular Minimum Payments apply. Variable APRs as of 2/6/14 and apply to accounts opened on or after 11/6/09. Minimum Interest Charge $1.