Yamaha Outdoors Tips - Flash Hunt Your Spring Gobbler

Your Yamaha four-wheeler will help you find spring gobblers faster.

By Steve Hickoff


Hunt hard. Hunt fast. Tag turkeys.


GET HELP: There’s no shame in hiring someone to put you on birds.


Contact outfitters and work a deal. Maybe a self-guided hunt is in order. Pay for insights, plus room and board. Have the contact put you on turkeys after detailing property lines, terrain features and so on. It’s particularly advantageous if you’re working on your Grand Slam. Cut a one-day hunt deal with an outfitting professional. It doesn’t hurt to ask.


GET BUSY: Less hunting time means you have to strike turkeys fast; possibly in a number of locations.


Find turkeys quickly and efficiently. Empty your vest. Make like a flock getting together. Don’t be call shy. Aggressive calling from your setup position can be what you need to make shut-mouthed birds sound off. You can also use lost yelping and cutting to raise and call in once silent birds. Let turkeys know you’re there.


GET SERIOUS: Each time you hunt a spot, your chances increase.


You don’t have to hunt it all day, only in windows of opportunity—including afternoons, where legal. Be stealthy about it. Don’t pressure turkeys as you scout them and try to gain an edge. Unpressured birds often have a comfortable fly-down niche. It’s your job to find it. Depending on your work situation, you may be able to leave for the office a bit early, and tag a turkey on the way in.


Get on the commute birds. Make it happen.