Yamaha Outdoors Tips - Upland Bird Hunting Preserves

Upland bird hunting preserves are great options in the off-season when other opportunities aren’t available.

By Steve Hickoff


While it’s true upland game and bird dog enthusiasts enjoy covering ground for wild quarry, hunting preserves also offer good sport.


Upland bird hunting preserves provide an opportunity for you to work your bird dog puppy and adult dog under controlled conditions without negative outside influences. It’s a training tool.


Younger and new hunters can learn important safety skills in regard to shooting, moving through cover while hunting, and target identification by spending time on upland hunting preserves.


Disabled or older hunters can continue their outdoor outings, assisted by guides and others who can put them into birds using more reliable and less difficult methods.


Memberships with upland bird hunting preserves often provide a year-round location to hone and maintain your shooting skills. Many provide game suppers, conservation events and quite simply, a place to hang out when other upland bird hunting seasons on wild game aren’t open.


Guides often practice their trade by accompanying their paying clients with their own trucks equipped with bird dog crates or more elaborate holding pens – even custom-made storage compartments for gear. This keeps hunting equipment secure, and the dog safe from running around the back of the pickup or causing trouble inside the truck cab. If crate trained as a pup, many bird dogs view this as a comfortable place. It means they’re going hunting.


In such scenarios, the guide and dogs can travel along with, say, hunters in their Side-by-Side units.


Upland bird hunting preserve owners and operators are always looking for ways to move hunters to locations safely and with comfort. The new Yamaha Viking, a Side-by-Side with true three-passenger capability, allows hunting parties to ride along at their own comfortable pace. Gun boots can be accessorized to safely hold firearms. The sturdy steel rear-cargo bed can carry other necessary gear.


Are you an upland-bird hunting-preserve member, or have you enjoyed shooting at one? Let us know on the Yamaha Outdoors Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/YamahaOutdoors

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