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Strikt-Slaton-Yamaha Racing

The Slaton family has always had off-road and racing in their blood and at one point they ran into a friend that was part of a Top Fuel Team. As it turned out there were other people involved with that team that they knew who worked in the same type of construction industry as they did. Soon after that because of our love of racing, both John and Bruce traveled the circuit working on the "Top Fuel Team". After traveling all over the Country with the team for a couple of years John wanted to get back and try his skills at motocross racing. So they left the team and John started racing Yamahas at the amateur level in the AMP Circuit in Northern California, we traveled in the motor home and trailer experiencing all aspects of the racing lifestyle. After a couple of years back in motocross John experienced a few falls which ended in surgeries. In 2009 a good friend in the AMP Circuit, Daniel Blair, wanted to get into Supercross. After thinking about it they decided to buy a bike and sponsor Daniel, they traveled to the Supercross races with a pickup and trailer to support his efforts. After a few races they came across other riders from AMP that had also moved up to Supercross so they gave them a place to pit out of as well. With the experience from racing Top Fuel and Johns Amateur racing they decided to increase the size of our pit presence with more easy ups and skirting. At one point Daniel was offered a ride with Geico as a replacement rider, when that happened they understood it was a great opportunity for Daniel and one he could not pass up. At this point they realized that Supercross was where they wanted to be and Slaton Racing was formed. Slaton Racing, with Bruce, John and Darlene Slaton began looking for riders that they could help. They drove and set up everything while Darlene would cook and help take care of the riders.

In 2010 Slaton Racing returned to Supercross with Mike Horban and Tiger Lacy to help support their efforts in Supercross. They traveled to Fresno, Ca. Arenacross during a break of the Supercross to help support Tiger Lacy, where Tiger was on the podium with a 2nd place finish. Slaton Racing returned in 2011 and stepped up their program but before they started to put it all together they realized they needed help and some direction to build a better program. At this point Bruce made a call to a friend that he grew up and rode with, Marty Smith, who just happens to be a 3 time National MX Champion. With a trip back to his hometown of San Diego they met with Marty to talk about old times and offer Marty the position as Slaton Racing's team manager. Marty welcomed the idea was happy to jump into the race program.With the Team Manager taken care and Sue Laird now helping with our social media and coordination of hotels, the next step was to purchase race bikes. With the help of Michael and Ben of Michaels Cycle Works they purchased Kawasaki KX250's, and with the support of Mitch at Pro Circuit the engine's and suspensions were dialed in and ready for racing. The team started with riders Ricky Rinauro, Ty Keenom and Rhett Urseth. Through the SX season the racing took a toll on riders, a couple retired because of injury and replacement riders Jake Canada and Daniel Blair were added as well as Josh Greco and Preston Mull. In 2012 they raised the platform with leasing a semi and started looking for riders to fill the racer positions and ended up signing Dylan Schmoke, Parker Eckman, Beau Hudson and Nick Paluzzi. When 2012 was over they all felt that leasing a semi created a whole new list of issue's. It just so happen that the Slaton's had their own trucking company and decided that Slaton Racing needed their own tractor trailer to build their future. After a trip to North Carolina and Wisconsin the truck and trailer were complete and they were off to 2013 SX series with a new look of their own. At one point early in the 2012 season a long time racing friend and Motocross Legend Billy Urban joined the team as general manager along with his wife Kui who jumped in to take the hospitality food to another level, Kui also took over the teams' website management and updating. With the 2013 season starting they signed Vince Friese and Travis Bell. Upon Travis Bell's injury Josh Greco was brought in for a few rounds as well as Jarrod Browne and Topher Ingalls. With Vince riding in the 450 class on the West Coast and riding in the 250 lites on the East Coast, Slaton Racing had its best finish ever. Vince Friese finished 20th place in points in the 450 SX class and a very impressive 4thplace in the 250 lites East. With their improved program and success in 2013 good things have taken place for the 2014 SX season. Among which is Yamaha Factory Support and Strikt Gear Company, our new title sponsor, as well as two other major players the Braap Shop Yamaha and YP (Yellow Pages). With the help of Paul Poohkay, Dan Rachmel, Brett Hamilton and Scott Sherwood, Strikt / Slaton Yamaha is off to go racing with a new look new riders, Preston Mull, Scotty Champion, Zach Freeberg show a promising future.
Preston Mull
Scotty Champion
Zach Freeberg