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Valli Motorsports Yamaha Race Team

Much of the team’s successful work ethic and drive can be attributed to team principle Chad Lanza. As an entrepreneur, Lanza from Los Gatos, CA who’s business endeavors of Valli Construction has afforded him with the opportunity to pursue his passion for motorcycle racing.  Lanza started VMS (Valli Motorsports) in 2007 with participation in the WORCS and Western states off-road racing series.  His goal, take the off-road world by storm starting in 2008 with an assault on the WORCS off-road series. A three man team made up of Bobby Bonds, Bobby Garrison and Kyle Summers would lead the charge. Bobby Bonds would take home the title that very first year for the Valli Motorsports Team.

For 2009, the season started again with an attack on the WORCS series with Bobby Garrison and Kyle Summers trying to keep the title under the Valli Motorsports tent. Late in 2009 Valli Motorsports decided to expand into the world of Motocross with Kyle Regal and Jimmy Albertson racing the last 4 rounds of the AMA Motocross championships.

After a taste of Motocross in 2009 Valli Motorsports decided to jump head first into the world of Motocross and Supercross by fielding a five man squad comprised of Ivan Tedesco, Kyle Regal, Kyle Cunningham, Dan Reardon and Michael Byrne.

The team continued to evolve and in 2012 Valli Motorsports and Star Racing joined forces and created a very large team with both 250 and 450 riders along with sponsor Rockstar. After a difficult year, the teams parted ways for 2013 and Valli is now once again a solo project with a much smaller, focused race program. For 2013 the team will consist of Travis Baker #31 for the West Coast rounds of Supercross and possibly another rider for the AMA Motocross series, along with an amateur support program.

The race team is based out of Corona, Ca and has Scott Dimick and Robbie Feder on board to help build, develop, and maintain the race effort, along with direct support from Yamaha. The Valli Motorsports team can be seen at the West Coast rounds of the Supercross series and all 12 rounds of the AMA Motocross series and also some Amateur Nationals in 2013.

Travis Baker

Travis Baker